Years ago, I used to produce Animejin as a printed fanzine. For the benefit of anyone who can't get hold of these, here are hypertexted versions of the articles from those issues.

Issue 1. October 1993
Anime Day 3 report: Simon Devey
Anime Day 3 report: Jim McLennan
Sheffield, Cannes and California by Helen McCarthy
The Perils of Publishing by Helen McCarthy
Not Just Ani-Music by Robert Lyn Davies
Fushi no Umi no Nadia reviewed by Dave 'Banzai' Kirwin

Issue 2. January 1994
Anime Expo - A Fan's Eye view. by Richard Steele
Contaminated '93 report: Simon Devey
Contaminated '93 report: Jim McLennan
Contaminated '93 report: Steve Whitcher
Contaminated '93 report: Dave Kirwin
Producing Anime. transcribed by Helen McCarthy from a talk by Scott Frazier
Sonoda Ken-ichi interview. transcribed by Helen McCarthy
Why are Anime and Manga so much of a cult thing, and why are they largely a male-only thing? by Steve Whitcher

Issue 3. March 1994
MANGA! - The Verdict. by Jim McLennan
An Animated Trip to Tokyo by Geoff Cowie
Giant Robo. by Richard Steele
Japanese Culture. by Steve Whitcher

Issue 4. May 1994
AUKCon/Animeday 4 report. by Jim McLennan
Animeday 4 report. by Simon Devey
Animeday 4 report. by Steve Whitcher
Cartoonia Anime. Book Review by Helen McCarthy
Maddox 01. by Richard Steele
Shopping in Japan. by Geoff Cowie
Sol Bianca. by Richard Steele

Issue 5. July 1994
Manga Entertainment Trademark Statement. by Andy Frain
New York, New York.... by Jim McLennan
Gunbuster. by Richard Steele

Issue 6. September 1994
A Reply. by Helen McCarthy
The Girl from Phantasia. by Richard Steele
Carl Macek. by Steve Whitcher
Otaku no Video. by Richard Steele

Issue 7. January 1995
BD Expo report. by Laurent Gaillac
D-Contaminated 1994 report. by Jim McLennan
D-Contaminated 1994 report. by Steve Whitcher
D.N.A.^2 review. by Peter Evans
Anime Fandom - Just where are we? by Steve Whitcher

Issue 8. April 1995
Plastic Little. by Richard Steele
And Now For Something Completely Different.... by Geoff Cowie
Anime fandom - where now? by Geoff Cowie