Devil Hunter Yoko

volume 1 sleeve volume 2 sleeve

Official Blurb:

"The film that redefines the word cute, and sets new standards in the fight for good over evil. Yoko is a pretty high school girl who has a crush on her classmate Hideki, but who is too shy to even talk to him. Her shyness is a source of fun to other students, in particular one girl called Chikako. One day several students were late for class, but for some reason only one boy called Osamu was summoned to the principals office. The principal is a strange but beautiful woman, and seduces the boy in her office. after this incident the boy has been transformed, and later he tries to rape Yoko. She is rescued by her grandmother, who then reveals the truth about Yoko's birth."

Yoko is a Devil-Hunter, and as such her destiny is to save humans from the devil, who is forever seeking chances to annihilate human kind."

Osamu has been possessed and tries to neutralise Yoko's power, since at the time of the next full moon a new devil queen will appear to exterminate humanity, and Yoko would have been frustrated in her attempt to stop the il."

At the time of the full moon, the devil captures Chikako, Yoko's classmate. Yoko rushes to her rescue, and the devil shows her true identity, as might be expected it is the school principal. She is planning to convert the schools most beautiful student, Reiko, into the devil queen, and Yoko is amazed to find out that the first victim of the new devil queen is to be Hideki. Yoko assumes the task of saving mankind...".

Part 1:
  Director:        Katsuhisa Yamada
  Screenplay:      Sukehiro Tomita
  Copyright:       NCS Corp., Toho Co. Ltd.
  Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles

  Running time:    45 mins
  Certificate:     18
  Label:           Western Connection
  Catalogue no:    WEST 024
  Price:           £8.99
  Release Date:    23rd January 1995

Part 2:
  Director:        Hisashi Abe
  Screenplay:      Hisae Takabayashi & Katsuhisa Yamada
  Copyright:       Toho/Mad House
  Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles

  Running time:    60 mins
  Certificate:     18
  Label:           Western Connection
  Catalogue no:    WEST 028
  Price:           £10.99
  Release Date:    February 1995


Volume 1:

Sixteen year old schoolgirl Yoko finds life getting rather weird. Her granny tells Yoko that she is 108th in a line of traditional devil hunters,and provided she remains a virgin will inherit the role of Devil Hunter. Yoko is unconvinced till she is attacked by strange forces and the headmistress starts conducting demonic ceremonies. The day of the Devil's Moon approaches, when Yoko must defeat the demons or the world will face disaster. And of course in anime, when heroines undergo a magical transformation, it often means that their their clothes fall off... This is a hilarious and sexy romp, the 18 cert being due to scenes like the one where the demonically posessed schoolboy nearly has his way with Yoko, and that where her mother gives the dismayed Yoko a chat about the facts of life and a string of condoms. [Geoff Cowie]

Volume 2:

This tape contains two 30 min episodes; the first being another demonic adventure in which Yoko acquires a cute 'assistant'. Fun, but less ambitious and not quite as good as the first video. The third episode is quite different and much more romantic in character. Yoko is transported to another world where dangerous and romantic adventures ensue. [Geoff Cowie]