Vampire Wars

video sleeve

Official Blurb:

"Top class, supernatural spy action with master criminals, international terrorists and sexy movie superstars!"

"First, a brutal terrorist attack on a NASA base takes place deep in the Arizona desert. Then, ten days later, the corpse of a CIA man is found floating in the Seine in Paris."

"Are the two events connected? Monsieur Lassar of the French secret service thinks so, but can't work out how. To help him he calls in international terrorist, spy and master criminal Kousaburo Kuki. Kuki discovers the key to the mystery is film super-star, Lamia Vindaw, who has become the focus of a CIA operation in Paris and more sinisterly, the target of a bizarre vampire cult."

"Can Kuki get to the bottom of the mystery and save glamorous Miss Vindaw, or will he too just become a number in the body count? Watch this classic adventure of babes, bullets and blood from Manga Entertainment and find out".

Director:     Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Animation:    Hideki Hamasu
Copyright:    Kiyoshi Kasai/TOEI Video Co., Ltd, Promise Co.,Ltd

VHS version:
Language:     English
Label:        Manga Video
Running time: 55 mins
Certificate:  18
Catalogue no: MANV 1202
Price:        £11.99
Release Date: 13th July 1998

Comment from Usenet:

First, the anime is of average quality, and the storyline is a little
predictable and a lot bloody (a shoot em up rather than a beat em up in
most cases, but typical of the sort of thing that Mangle do now). The dub
is from those odd people at Cardiff who do like to sling in the odd insult
(such as "Cocksucker" whatever that is) to try to raise the tone of the

Seriously I found it as enjoyable as the vast majority of post-GitS Mangle
releases. It left me totally unimpressed. if MV really wants the rep that
it has, then this does nothing to change it.

But then if you like that sort of thing... ^_^