Violence Jack

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Official Blurb:

"Most definitely not for the faint hearted, Violence Jack - Evil Town pulls no punches and will satisfy even the most hardened beat 'em up fans."

"The world as we know it has been torn apart, shattered by a series of natural disasters that have turned civilisation in to a brutish nightmare of survival, and left whole cities buried beneath the Earth. It is a lethal, chaotic place where only the strongest and most savage can remain alive. And the strongest of all is the giant warrior known only as Violence Jack...."

Original Story: Go Nagai
Director:       Ep 1: Ichiro Itano,  Ep 2: Takuya Wada, Ep 3: Osamu Kamijo
Screenplay:     Ep 1: Noboru Aikawa, Ep 2: Takuya Wada, Ep 3: Mikio Matsushita
Copyright:      Go Nagai/Dynamic Productions Inc.

VHS version:
Language:       English
Label:          Manga Video

Volume:         1              2               3
Running time:   60 mins        55 mins         38 mins
Certificate:    18 (cut)       18 (cut)        18 (cut)
Catalogue no:   MANV 1144      MANV 1145       MANV 1146
Price:          £11.99         £11.99          £9.99
Release Date:   8th Jul 1996   12th Aug 1996   9th Sep 1996