Urusei Yatsura Movies

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Official Blurb:

"It's Japanese for "Totally Insane!"

"and in English it's hard to explain, but it revolves around a high-voltage Alien Princess named Lum who is in love with a luckless and lecherous lout named Ataru. Surrounding them are a legion of quite unusual humans and aliens who serve to ensure that the comedy never stops."

A huge hit in Japan for over a decade!"

Movie 1 - "Only You"
Director:   Momoru Oshii
Screenplay: Tomoko Komparu
Copyright:  Kitty Films

Movie 3 - "Remember My Love"
Director:   Kazuo Yamazaki
Screenplay: Tomoko Komparu
Copyright:  Kitty Films

Movie 4 - "Lum The Forever"
Director:   Kazuo Yamazak
Screenplay: Toshiki Inoue & Kazuo Yamazaki
Copyright:  Kitty Films

Movie 5 - "The Final Chapter"
Director:   Satoshi Dezaki
Screenplay: Tomoko Komparu
Copyright:  Kitty Films

Movie 6 - "Always My Darling"
Director:   Katsuhisa Yamada
Screenplay: Hideo Takayashi & Tomoko Komparu
Copyright:  Kitty Films

First release:
Label:              Anime Projects
Language Format:    Japanese Language, English subtitles
Movie:              1             3             4              5              6
Running time:       101 mins      93 mins       94 mins        85 mins        76 mins
Certificate:        PG            PG            PG             PG             PG
Catalogue no:       AP094-001     AP094-002     AP094-009      AP094-010      AP095-001
Price:              £12.99        £12.99        £12.99         £12.99         £12.99
Release Date:       ?             ?             12 Sept 1994   12 Sept 1994   ?

Second release:
Label:              MVM
Language Format:    Japanese Language, English subtitles
Movie:              1             3             4              5              6
Running time:       101 mins      93 mins       94 mins        85 mins        78 mins
Certificate:        U             PG            PG             PG             PG
Catalogue no:       MV10007       MV1023        MV1025         MV1026         MV1027
Price:              £12.99        £12.99        £12.99         £12.99         £12.99
Release Date:       7th Aug 2000  9th Oct 2000  4th Dec 2000   7th May 2001   7th May 2001

DVD version:
Label:              MVM
Language Format:    Japanese Language, English subtitles
Movie:              1
Running time:       101 mins
Certificate:        PG
Catalogue no:       ?
Price:              £14.99
Release date:       5th November 2001


Movie 4: Lum the Forever

This movie was made at the end of the TV series, the animators (or creators or writers or call them whatever catches your fancy) apparantly decided to go with a more complex storyline this time around, some portions might demand to see more TV episodes and other portions might just demand to pay attention to what goes on around, any way you watch it, your in for wacky a yet nearly incomprehensible story which still has a message hidden within it.

The UY gang were making a movie about the legend of the Oni princess. During production, Tarouzakura, a 300 year old tree is chopped down, soon afterwards strange events begin to happen, soon Lum's powers start to weaken, Mendou, Megane & co begin to loose interest in her, someone seems to be watching Lum, a winter like cold appears in the middle of April and a rocky mountain appears where Tarouzakura was chopped. As the story progresses, things get even weirder, Lum loses her horns. She is then drawn into the night and enters the water filled crater. Dreams become frozen into reality and a senseless war begins that engulfs every inhabitants of Tomobiki. Can the town ever hope to return to happier times? [Jonathan Marchi]

Movie 5: The Final Chapter

Based on the manga ending by Rumiko Takahashi, this movie can only be good fun to watch, blending good comedy with the serious ending this series deserves to have. Note that since we are talking about the end of UY, you might want to wait till you've seen more TV, OVAs and movies before watching this one.

The story starts with Lum having a nightmare about an old man coming to grab her. When her parents ask her to come visit her long lost grandfather, she finds out that the nightmare was more than that as the old man from her dream appears.

Apparently Lum's grandfather had meet this man a long time ago and had promised him her daughter for marriage (except he only had sons). The man furious about this turn of event swore he'd get the first born daughter from his family and make of her his bride. He was now here to claim Lum for marriage to his own son. She of course refuses and the man is thrown out with the garbage. Sometime later, back in Tomobiki, another man arrives calling himself Rupa and claiming to be Lum's fiance, this sparks trouble between Lum and Ataru as he shows his jealous side. Rupa then kidnaps Lum and Ten and Ataru must try to rescue her with help from Oyuki, Benten, Ran, Rei and Mendou, he also gets help from a girl named Carla who's got a grudge with Rupa. Unfortunatly, not only does the rescue attempt fail, but because of it, Ataru and Lum get into a heavy fight resulting in they're decision to split up. Ataru, Carla and the rest of the gang return to earth leaving Lum and Ten behind. A problem then occurs over diner. Mushrooms that Carla had brought with her are accidentally exposed to heat making them grow to tremendous sizes and threatens to engulf all the earth. They're only hope to stop the spores from spreading for Ataru to win against Lum in a game of tag. But the only way Lum will permit Ataru to catch her is if he'll say the word she longs to hear. If he doesn't, not only is all of the earth doomed, but everyones memories will be erased. Can he say the words "I love you"? [Jonathan Marchi]

Movie 6: Always my Darling

Unlike every other UY movies that have come before, this one was not made to be anywhere as serious, that's if you can actually call any of them serious. It's was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the TV series (the series began it's run in 1981, this movie came out in 1991).

It all starts during a festival, Ataru while on a usual "Girl Hunt" (with Lum in pursuit) get's kidnapped by a beautiful Alien princess named Lupica. She uses him to get a crystal jar containing the "Ultimate Love Potion" that can make anyone who drinks from it fall in love of the first person they see. Unfortunatly for Lupica, Ataru gets tricked by Lum into drinking the love potion and sees her first(not part of Lum's plan). Now Lum must find a way to bring her Darling back to normal and princess Lupica isn't about to make it easy on her. [Jonathan Marchi]