Official Blurb:

"Ths Toshinden tournament is held annually but only fighters chosen by the Organisation, a secretly run faction can participate. Eiji, one of the eleven warriors is searching for his lost brother Sho, who strangely disappeared at the previous competition. As the tournament approches Eiji discovers the dark secrets converning the Organisation's real intentions - their plan to develop the ultimate man machine"

Director:         Masami Ohbari
Screenplay:       Jiro Takayama, Masaharu Amiya
Character design: Tsukara Kotobuki
Music:            Kensuke Shina
Copyright:        Takara Co., Limited

Language Format:  English Language
Running time:     56 mins
Certificate:      12
Catalogue no.:    PIO 10052
Label:            Pioneer
Price:            £12.99
Release Date:     10th May 1999

Comment from newsgroups:

Charles King:
Toshinden ranks as by far the WORST anime I have ever seen. Utter dross
and devoid of any worth whatsoever.