Tenchi Muyo - The Movie 2:
Daughter of Darkness

Official Blurb:

"This second movie features Mayuka, a young girl who mysteriously arrives at Tenchi's house claiming to be his daughter. Mayuka is however under the influence of Yuzuha, the demoness of darkness. With her 700 year grudge toward Yosho, she plans her revenge by foring Tenchi into the Dimension of Darkness to rescue his friends."

Director:          Hiroshi Negishi
Screenplay:        Ryoe Tsukimura & Hiroshi Negishi
Character design:  Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Copyright:         AIC/Pioneer LDC, Inc.

VHS version:
Language:          English
Label:             Pioneer
Running time:      60 mins
Certificate:       12
Catalogue no:      PIO 10048
Price:             £12.99
Release Date :     28th June 1999

Comment from newsgroups:

Dwight Decker:
I was a bit bothered by the changes in voice-acting in the Tenchi Movie #2 dub.
Well, I suppose it was necessary to split Kiyone out and give her a different
VA for the OAV series. Somebody pointed out here that if Sasami's growing
older, she can't have the little-girl voice forever, and would eventually merge
with Sherri Lynn's normal voice -- which she's already doing for Tsunami (who
is basically what Sasami will look and sound like grown up). Still, that's
really a problem for the future since Tsunami doesn't appear in the second
movie (the real question is what's Kiyone doing there, since she hasn't been
formally introduced in the OAV series yet  -- though the Mihoshi Special
implies that she does exist in the OAV universe even if the details of the
story may not be canonical). Now that Kiyone is in the series, too, Sherri Lynn
would be doing the voices of too many major characters, and she doesn't have
the range to make more or less normal voices (as opposed to affected ones like
Sasami's) sound different enough. What was funny was going back to OAV #2 and
hearing her normal voice pop up for the flying droid-thingie that tells Aeka to
go to bed -- at that time, Kiyone and Tsunami hadn't happened yet, she was
doing Sasami in an affected widdle-kid voice, so using her normal voice for a
minor character that speaks one or two lines and is never seen again would save
on hiring another VA.

No, what really bothered me was the change in VAs for Grandpa Katsuhito. The
original English voice had the gravity of age and wisdom, with a hint of sly
humor, but the new voice has none of that, and comes across as being spoken too
fast. Grandpa's voice was one of the best things in the series for me, and now
it's gone. On the other hand, I never did warm up to the voice for Tenchi's
father -- it was too affectedly goofy, and never sounded to me like a real
person's normal speaking voice. The new voice doesn't sound so goofy, but it
still doesn't sound right to me, either. For my money, the best voice in the
cast is Petrea Burchard's Ryoko: it's a little too old for the character (Ai
Orikasa's Japanese version is probably about what it should sound like), but
Burchard adds a wonderful sassy bad-girl dimension to it. And she can act:
putting real feeling into the lines instead of just reading from the script.
Had a bit of a rocky start, though: see OAV #1, where the familiar voices are
there but haven't found their range yet and the VAs are stumbling through.
Anyway, I really miss the "old" Grandpa...