Tenchi Muyo - The Movie:
Tenchi Muyo in Love

video sleeve

Official Blurb:

"The Galazy Police headquarters has vanished! One word was left scrawled as a clue...KAIN!"

"The merciless criminal has escaped from sub space where he had been imprisioned by the Jurai Royal Family and the Galaxy Police. Kain vents his anger by demolishing the GP headquarters and attacking the Jurai King. But nothing can keep him back. His next target is..Earth!"

"Strange things are already happening on our planet, Tenchi's house suddenly disappears and even his own body is fading fast. Something must have happened to Tenchi's mother in a previous time and the gang must rush back to the year 1970 to rescue our hero and his family home from the evil Kain."

Director:         Hiroshi Negishi
Screenplay:       Ryoe Tsukimura & Hiroshi Negishi
Character design: Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Music:            Christopher Franke
Copyright:        AIC/Pioneer LDC, Inc.

VHS version:
Language:         English
Label:            Pioneer
Running time:     95 mins
Certificate:      PG
Catalogue no:     PIO 10036
Price:            £12.99
Release Date:     7th September 1998

Comment from Usenet:

The first thing I
notice is that the movie has a more coherent story than the OAV.
My friend said it's because they probably have a bigger budget.
I like the beginning where everyone shows up for school, starting the
series with a sense of mystery (time change badly or are they going
back in time).

I have not seen Miyoshi's partner before, Kiyone seem to be a cut the
red tape sort. She seem more cranky than the other character, but
if you're partner with Miyoshi, you would be cranky, too.

Miyoshi seem too dim-witted. I know she's not too intelligent, and
lacks concentration, but I thought they over-did it.

I like Tenchi's mother. Oddly, she wants to grow up to be a bride.
There's something unmodern about that goal. Perhaps in Japan, it's

One flaw I notice is Grandpa Yosha. When Ayeka and Royoko showed up
at his doorstep, shouldn't he have become suspicious? It's been 700
years, but he would have remember them. If it was only Royoko, Grandpa
would have made a quick trip to the cave, and concluded that it was
just some girl who looks like Royoko. Having them both there is really
pushing it.

Jeesh, a cannon that destroys small galaxies. I guess Washu doesn't
get too opportunity to use it.