Tenchi Muyo (2nd series)

[Volumes 5-7]

Director:     Mihoshi special: Kazuhiro Ozawa
              Episodes 8-13:   Kenichi Yatagai
Screenplay:   Mihoshi special: Ryoe Tsukimura
              Episodes 8-13:   Yosuke Kuroda
Copyright:    AIC/Pioneer LDC Inc.

Format:       English language VHS
Label:        Pioneer

Volume:       5               6               7
Running time: 56 mins         84 mins         90 mins
Certificate:  PG              PG              PG
Catalogue no: PIO 10021       PIO 10022       PIO 10026
Price:        £10.99          £10.99          £12.99
Release Date: 24th Mar 1997   24th Mar 1997   11th Aug 1997


The Tenchi gang return in six new episodes, sticking solidly to the formula of the first series - i.e. three episodes of sit-com character development followed by three episodes of plot. This series threatens to look like a cash-in, as the characters spend most of their time repeating the gags of the first series with only the settings changed. However, enough new twists are added as the series progresses to keep viewers interested.

Volume 5 includes the 'Galaxy Police Mihoshi Special', a seperate episode in which Mihoshi relates a story of a case she solved, using the Tenchi characters as the cast. A nice, inoffensive bit of fluff. [Jonathan Weeks]

Comment from newsgroups:

Douglas L. Erickson:
	I don't know if anyone will agree with this, but I feel the OVA series
Tanchi Muyo has gone rather downhill since its inception. I just finished
watching 10/11 (Dubbed, unfortunately) and feel not only has the storyline
become somewhat more pedantic, but that general changes to the "feel" of the
series in general have occurred, and not for the better.
	#1: Bring back the old opening animation/song. I really dislike the
"I'm a Pioneer" tune - I'm STILL hoping that was a translation of the actual
Japanese tune and not a marketing gimmick.

	#2: Ayeka has become only a supporting character in the series. I've
watched her part dwindle in each succeeding installment, and now, she appears
onscreen for 3 or 4 minutes total AT MOST. It's rather confusing, as events
in episodes 3 and 4 led me to believe that she and Tenchi were somewhat of an
"item" in the context of the series. Hmph. Not only that, she's been my fave
character so far.

	#3: Ultra-high Ryo-Oh-Ki Giga-Kawaii Saturation Overload. Episode 10
being about Ryo-Oh-Ki and filled with pointless kawaii shots of her and
Sasami - please. I want story, not simpering cuteness.

	#4: Recycled plots. *cough* Easily summarized as "Tenchi and the gang
are kicking back, enjoying some modicum of normalcy when a Space Pirate (tm)
/Evil Doktor (tm) bursts in on the scene. Chaos ensues. *yawn*

	#5: This is the biggie - the characters aren't developing - in fact,
it's the complete opposite. Everything has become predictable: Ryoko and Ayeka
will squabble, Sasami and Ryo-oh-ki will be cute, Mihoshi will pull some
unrelated stupid stunt, Washuu will experiment on SOMETHING, and if some
fearsome alien nemesis doesn't temporarily intrude, somebody will have a REALLY
inane personal crisis, in the middle of which will be a hopeless confused Tenchi
Masaki. The series as a whole has lost much of the sophistication it seemed to
previously possess, leaving us with a mildly amusing Ranma-esque scenario,
with a bunch of incongruous wacky characters and nowhere to go with them.

	Anyhow, I was mildly disappointed by this installment. Here's hoping
12/13 improve - they are the last of the OVA series, correct? 10/11 felt
almost like a kids show, with the cuteness carpet bombing in 10 and the
somewhat rehashed storyline of 11.
	Also, who is doing the dub scripts? Sheesh. Delivery has been improving,
but the lines: OW. Washuu, in Ep. 10, says something to Ryoko like "You've
done an excellent good job!" Gee, a redundant double modifier. And it gets
worse at times. Please, please, PLEASE Pioneer - double check your scripts.
I'm amazed one of the crew at Ocean didn't pick up on these little language
gaffes. If you're wondering why I buy the dubs, BTW, it's because I'm an
impatient moron. Planet in Norman here only gets the dubs, and I just pick 'em
up on the spot.
	Disappointed? Sure. If anyone agrees or disagrees, I'd be glad to
hear if I'm right or what I've been missing. I really hate to see what I
think to have potential be squandered on unoriginal effort.