Sukoiden: Demon Century

Official Blurb:

"21st century Tokyo - After a colossal earthquake has devastated the city, anarchy reigns and violence has become a means of survival. The city is now controlled by a network of brutal organised criminal gangs, who threaten the remaining survivor's efforts to rebuild their society..."

"Takateru Suga, a supremely gifted martial artist is the only hope for future civilisation. Described as a 'country hick', Takateru comes to the ruined metropolis on a desperate quest to find his runaway sister. After learning that his sister has been kidnapped by "Big Brother" Koryukai - the ruling master of all criminal gangs, he knows he has the ultimate battle on his hands. In order to rescue his sister, Takateru must defy the entire ruthless and tyrannical army that has overshadowed the city for so long."

"Fortunately, Takateru is not alone in this arduous task - He recruits a bizzare army of willing troops along his journey, including a priest, a Buddhist monk, a Ninja nun and (believe it or not) a transvestite! A brave hit-and-run attack culminates in a final, bloody battle between the forces of good and evil in Suikoden: Demon Century."

Creator:         Hitoshi Yoshioka
Director:        Hiroshi Negishi
Screenplay:      Masayori Sekijima
Copyright:       Hitoshi Yoshioka/Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd./JVC/J.C.Staff

Language Format: English Language
Running time:    45 mins
Certificate:     18
Label:           ADV Films
Catalogue no:    VHSSU/001
Price:           £12.99
Release Date:    30th November 1996