Robotech II: The Sentinals

Official Blurb:

"The year is 2022"

"On Earth an expedition is being readied to send a valient task force into space to confront the leaders of a vast alien armada. The Robotech Masters have become a nomadic race of technovoyagers, leaving their home world almost a deserted planet and open to a secret invasion by the Invid, an alien race driven by vengence. As the alien invaders attempt to attack, the planet's automatic defense mechanisms are set in motion by the Sentinels, guardians of a dying race."

"The most astounding science fiction saga ever told - featuring action packed state of the art animation!"

Language Format: English Language
Running time:    75 mins
Certificate:     U
Label:           MVM
Catalogue no:    MV1006
Price:           £12.99
Release Date:    6th March 2000