Official Blurb:

NB: This is the exact text of the press release. The total number of episodes in Robotech is 85, not 78 as stated. All the other information is accurate.

"Long before Akira ever came onto the scene, an American syndicated series was launched in 1984 that was to start a landslide of Anime fandom in the US. That series was none other than ROBOTECH, one of the most imaginative science-fiction stories since Star Wars. ROBOTECH was a 78 episode long extravaganza surrounding three generations of wars and the people it had an effect on. What made it different from other cartoons is that war was not glorified but portrayed as a pointless and violent thing. When people died the effect of their depatures would have serious consequences on the rest of the characters. Such was the appeal of ROBOTECH that more adults watched it than children."

"The series was produced by Carl Macek of Harmony Gold, who received three completely unrelated anime series and compiled them all into one complete story spanning 78 episodes. A movie, the untold story, followed later and an uncompleted second series, The Sentinals, was released on a single video cassette. Since then, the ROBOTECH saga has continued, with Comico publishing the complete series in comic form from 1984-87. In 1988 Eternity took over the reins, publishing not only the ROBOTECH series, but various spin-off titles, which still continue to this day. Del Rey has released nineteen novels on the series by Jack McKinney with the twentieth released this year. The ROBOTECH RPG is still amongst one of the most popular today and the mecha designs are always in some way or another, such as in Fasa's Battletech."

"So sit back, relax and witness more than a piece of nostalgia. Witness the series that started it all. Without it, Anime fandom may never have been......"

Director:        Ippei Kuri
Screenplay:      Various
Copyright:       Harmony Gold USA Inc./Tatsunuko Production Co. Ltd.

Language Format: English Language
Running time:    75/75/75/75/75/75/50 mins
Certificate:     U/U/PG/U/U/U/U
Label:           Kiseki Films
Catalogue no:    KIS 93024/KIS 93025/KIS 93026/KIS 93033/
                 KIS 93034/KIS 93035/KIS 93036
Price:           £12.99 each
Release Date:    26th Sep/24th Oct 1994/23th Jan 1995/
                 20th Mar/22nd May/Jul 1996/24th Mar 1997
[All seven volumes were released during 1996 at £5.99 each, and again
 in 2000 at £7.99 each]


This is the one TV series that got more people into anime than any other. Unfortunately, it's never been broadcast in the UK, and these tapes are the first chance we've had to get a good look at the whole series. Robotech was created by combining three Japanese TV series together to made one 85 episode series. The first 36 episodes are actually the original Macross TV series, one of the most popular anime of all time in Japan that is still spawning sequels to this day.

The plot goes like this: A mysterious alien space ship crash lands on Earth. Using the technology found on board, Earth develops 'Robotechnology' and rebuilds the alien ship. As episode one starts, the ship - now dubbed the 'Super Dimensional Fortress' - is about to be launched when a fleet of alien ships materialises and attacks. A war between Earth and the aliens ensues throughout the rest of the series. The emphasis throughout is on the characters rather than the action, as we follow the fortunes of rookie pilot Rick Hunter and other members of the UN Space Force. Worth it for the nostalgia trip alone. [Jonathan Weeks]