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Official Blurb:

"On the satellite Tolmeckius, Research Institute scientists are abuzz over the tremendous psychic powers of Moira, an otherwise normal, though quite attractive, female specimen."

"Only moments after a particularly vivid horrific vision, Moira and the rest of the crew find their ship in alarm mode. Exploring a passing ship whose close proximity is thought to be the cause of this disturbance, Moira beholds an all too familiar gruesome slaughter. She knows at once that the force they are up against is far more powerful and certainly more terrifying than just any runaway spaceship!"

"In fact an alien has invaded this ship and is slowly slithering into the minds of the surviving crew members one by one. There this alien imparts a deluge of painful, long forgotten memories upon its victims, before effecting a devastating and fatal blow as an end to the nightmare. The mood of the survivors crosses unknown boundaries of terror as they realise the alien continues to accumulate victims despite the crew having ejected their attacker into deep space."

"Now, only Moira, with her keen psychic ability, is capable of coping with the merciless psionic powers of this alien intruder. In a final desperate quest to cease the systematic elimination of those around her, she learns something that cannot possibly be true. Could it be that this seemingly vulgar and ruthless being is acting in the name of God? And, if it is, then what is the fate of Moira and the wounded crew member with whom she has fallen in love?"

Director:        Hisashi Sugai
Screenplay:      Mitsuru Shimada

Language Format: Japanese language, English subtitles
Running time:    44 mins
Catalogue no:    KIS 94056
Label:           Kiseki Films
Price:           £10.99
Release Date:    July 1997

Comment from newsgroups:

Matt Barber:
Can't say I'd recommend it. The animation's nothing special
even by mid 80s OVA standards, and the plot never lives up to
it's potential. And it's not as if there's a shortage of better
SF/horror stuff about.