Rei Rei

video sleeve

Official Blurb:


"The evil Doctor Manami has seduced and murdered Ikuko, an innocent schoolgirl. But she has not counted on the intervention of the Goddess of Love Kaguya. She's got a body that can wake the dead, and she wrote the rulebook of revenge. With the help of Ikuko's boyfriend, she makes sure that the punishment fits the crime. Before they have finished with her, Manami's going to wish she had never got involved..."

Copyright:       Toshimitsu Shimizu (Shonen Gahosha)/Seiyo

Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Running time:    55 mins
Certificate:     18
Catalogue no:    KIS 94044
Label:           Kiseki Films
Price:           £12.99
Release Date:    16th October 1996

Also avalable on DVD in a double feature with 'The Gigalo':
Language Format: Japanese Language, English Subtitles
Running time:    100 mins
Coding:          Region 0, 50Hz
Certificate:     18
Catalogue no:    PAR 61030
Label:           Kiseki Films
Price:           £19.99
Release Date:    March 2000


Release date still to be confirmed. I saw the US edition at a convention: Rei Rei is a relatively mature sex comedy about a mischievous spirit who grants several characters' sexual wishes, but not quite in the way they hoped.

As the 18 cert indicates, this is racy stuff, but quite witty, and in all a bit above average. If you like this sort of thing, and have a NTSC player, check out the AD Vision/Soft Cell/Pink Pineapple catalogue. [Geoff Cowie]

With an eye on the main market for anime in this country, Kiseki have gone to great lengths to promote Rei-Rei as a hard-core adult film. Unfortunately, the film itself doesn't live up the reputation the're trying to give it. What we've actually got here is a decent piece of smutty humour, well animated with good character designs.

I was amused for an hour, giggled at the better jokes (Kaguya's manservent Pipi turns out to be the funniest character) and I can even see myself watching it again. Porn fanciers will be disappointed, but the rest of you could do a lot worse that check this out. [Jonathan Weeks]

Comment from newsgroups:

Chris Johnson:
Rei Rei was and is inoffensive (if you are of an age to appreciate it),
and it rarely gets to the stage where it needs to be pushed over a 15
rating. Even the full on sexual scene was fairly inoffensive, unless you
are one of those people that cannot see naked flesh without getting hot
under the collar.

The stories themselves are quaint and, IMHO, would not be out of place in
the average agony column or teen rag, though probably not in that kind of
detail. I've seen worse!