Official Blurb:

"The land of Cephiro is slowly but steadily materialising into the real world of Tokyo because of the powerful magic forces at play. The colliding of these two conflicting dimensions is set to cause tremendous repercussions, particularly on Earth. In order to prevent the impending cataclysm Clef & Lantis must find the Magic Knights who together have the power to stop this."

"Spring has arrived and Umi, Fu and Hikaru, junior high girls are about to graduate. They meet under the Oriental Cherry tree in the campus garden. It is rumoured that the tree has legendary powers as a fairy resides there and has the power to grant wishes. Under this magical tree the 3 girls make a vow to each other that they will never lose touch. Mysteriously Hikaru steps into another dimension and encounters the deity Lexus for the first time. He tells her that the future rests in her hands and as a sign of her pact with Mokona and Lexus, a glimmering Ovum is attached to her hand. As long as the gem glows, her dreams can be realised. Lexus tells her of a divine test which will occur on the earth and introduces her to Clef, a being from Cefiro in a parallel universe and a potential ally."

"There is a huge, devastating explosion in Tokyo and the 3 girls realise they are the only ones left on earth, and all the people of the world have been incarcerated in a time warp. The castle of Cefiro descends ever faster to destroy earth. Eagle, an evil being from Cefiro is doing all he can to protect his sister Princess Emeraude's dreams and Clef is trying to protect the earth from the people of Cefiro. Clef wages a losing battle with the witch Alcyone and her cat-like Spirit Beast but with Lexus making Hikaru a deity, she can assist with battling against the evil people of Cefiro. Forces are united and Hikaru fuses with Lexus as the Lexus deity, and they fight the Alcyone deity's ice spilnter with her own fore blasts. The girls learn that only together can they change the course of destiny and save the world."

Creator:         CLAMP
Director:        Keitaro Motonaga
Copyright:       Clamp/Kodansha Polygram TMS K

Language Format: English Language
Running time:    45/55/60 mins
Certificate:     15/12/12
Label:           Manga Video
Catalogue no:    MANV 1232/MANV 1233/MANV 1236
Price:           £9.99 each
Release Date:    31st July/14th Aug/11th Sept 2000