Queen Emeraldas

Official Blurb:

"Beyond the Veil of Stars, One Woman Stands Between Good and Evil."

"In a far distant future, a would-be master race seeks to dominate the galaxy. Against these merciless Afressians, mankind has just one hope: the mysterious female warrior known as Emeraldas. Driven by the tortured memory of her lost love, Emeraldas sails the Sea of Stars like a privateer of old, blasting the forces of tyranny into atoms with an amazing array of futuristic weapons. But when the devious Commander Eldomain kidnaps a group of innocent civilians, Emeraldas is drawn into a deadly trap from which even she may not escape! State of the art computer animation techniques bring Leiji Matsumoto's (STAR BLAZERS) most famous creation to stunning life in QUEEN EMERALDAS."

Original Story:    Leiji Matsumoto
Director:          Yuji Asada
Character design:  Keisuke Masunaga
Mechanical design: Katsumi Itabashi
Music:             Michiru Oshima
Copyright:         1998 Leiji Matsumoto/Kodansha/Queen Emeraldas Committee

Language format:   English language
Director:          Gary Dehan
Translator:        Randall Chamberlain

Running time:      60 mins
Certificate:       PG
Label:             ADV Films
Catalogue no:      VHSQE/001D
Price:             £12.99
Release Date:      7th August 2000