Phantom Quest Corp

volume 2 sleeve

Official Blurb:

"The Phantom Quest Corporation is run by Ayaka Kisaragi - a headstrong young woman with a pechant for designer clothes. She employs a weird collection of people with psychic powers who spend their days chasing ghouls and ghosts. Between them all, they wage battle against evil, pitting their wits against vampires, demon and devils."

Concept:          Juzo Mutsuki
Director:         Ep 1: Koichi Chigira, Ep 2: Morio Asaka,
                  Ep 3: Takuji Endo, Ep 4: Morio Asaka
Screenplay:       Ep 1: Mami Watanabe, Ep 2: Tatsuhiko Urahata,
                  Ep 3: Tetsu Kimura & Mami Watanabe, Ep 4: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Music:            Junichi Kanezaki
Character Design: Hitoshi Ueda
Copyright:        Madhouse/Pioneer LDC, Inc.

VHS version:
Language:         English
Label:            Pioneer

Volume:           1            2
Running time:     60 mins      57 mins
Certificate:      PG           12
Catalogue no:     PIO 10023    PIO 10025
Price:            £12.99       £12.99
Release Date:     Sept 1997    Oct 13th 1997

Comment from newsgroups:

Jeff Williamson:
Excellent animation, clever writing, funny as all get-out.  This is
particularly entertaining fluff!  It's not very deep, but that's not
what I was expecting out of this anyway.  It's fluff, and probably some
of the best fluff you can spend your money on these days.

Most importantly (to me):  this is one of the best dubs I have *ever*
seen!  The only voice which began to sound "wrong" was the kid's
(Mamoru? "to protect", a cute name), and that's because he's too stiff.
It's a good kid's voice, but he needs to loosen up just a little.

Kisaragi Ayaka?  Wow.  The English voice actress outdid herself--thar's
ACTING in that thar dub.  And that karaoke cab ballad is just TOO funny.

Karino's actor seems fine; no complaints, no big kudos.

Suimei--the fortune teller--perfect and hilarious.

Incidental voices: once again, outstanding; these people sounded like
they were enjoying their bit parts.  That vampire tea-shop owner in
"Kiss of Death" was a scream.

Anyway, to sum up: entertaining, well-drawn, and WELL-DUBBED!! This one
from Pioneer is a winner all around.  No pretentions to higher art, but
if you want High Fun (tm and Copyright Angst-sensei Enterprises), look
no further than the Phantom Quest Corporation.  Grade: A+

I saw the postings of this anime, so I just had to buy the LD, and
I did.  I only watched it once so far, and I must say it is different.
I like the animation though, it is smooth and new looking, and the
lead actress is hella sexy, reminds me of Rabby a little, with a
hard core attitude.  It was funny to see her sing karaoke in the
taxi, but I wouldn't give it an A+.  The story really wasn't that
great, and although there were some funny scenes, the anime in general
wasn't that funny.  Also, there wasn't enough background music, at
times, it became quiet with only the voice actors.

Ian Tolentino:
     I think this series should be something that the media can't really
put down.  It's directed to an older audience (Ayaka's sex appeal, some
"adult" situations, an obscenity or two) but all-in-all, it's something
that people can enjoy watching. Sure, there's a little bit of violence,
but it's an amusing sort of violence that is regularly surpassed by most
movies these days.  Who couldn't love a lovely young woman in heels and
designer clothes swinging a Red Dragon Spirit Capture Star Sword inside
of a tea room?  :)