Peek The Baby Whale

Official Blurb:

"After a violent storm, similar to the one in which his father was lost, Kai and his brother Moito rescue a baby whale stranded on an isolated beach, and hurt by the jagged rocks. As Peek's mother looks on in despair, Kai and Moito tenderly care for the stricken whale, nursing it back to health, and calming it with a mysterious magical flute."

"Tricked by the evil owner of the sea Circus, Kai allows Peek to be taken into captivity and placed on show. Angry that he has been fooled, Kai with help from Maila the circus owner's daughter, sets about rescuing Peek and returning him to the freedom of the ocean, and, to his mother waiting in the bay."

Language Format: Japanese with English subtitles
Running time:    90 mins
Certificate:     U
Label:           Kiseki Films
Catalogue no:    KIS 94037
Price:           £10.99
Release Date:    June 1995


A beautifully animated film about some children who find a baby whale on the seashore and discover they can control the creature with a magical flute. It looks better than the usual video animation, but we're not sure if the UK release is aimed at adult anime nuts, or at children who can cope with subtitles! [Geoff Cowie]