Panzer Dragoon

video sleeve

Official Blurb:

"Legends of the ancient empire speak of a Dark Tower and a genetically created race of dragons that await the command to arise and wreak havoc upon the land. Kyle believes the legends are only stories to frighten children; that is until his lady, Alita, is stolen by the Black Dragon. Kyle forms an uneasy alliance with Blau, a blue dragon, in order to rescue Alita before she becomes the catalyst for the Dark Tower's final programme: the complete destruction of the world!"

Original Story:  Sega Enterprises
Director:        Shinji Takagi
Designer:        Atushi Takeuchi
Animation:       Toru Katagiri
Music:           Shoko Azuma
Copyright:       Sega Enterprises, Ltd.

English SOundtrack
Writer/director: Tristan MacAvery
Translator:      Keisuke "Casey" Okamoto

VHS version:
Language:        English
Label:           ADV Films
Running time:    30 mins
Certificate:     PG
Catalogue no:    VHSPZ/001D
Price:           £12.99
Release Date:    6th December 1999