Orguss 02

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Official Blurb:

"The 36 episode Superdimensional Century Orguss series was first aired on Japanese TV in 1983. The six part OAV is directed by Fumihiko Takayama, creator of the original storyline and also responsible for Gundam 0800: A War in the Pocket."

"For 200 years they lay deep beneath the earth or silent on the ocean bed. Now two opposing armies race to unearth these massive engines of war, the devastating weapons known as Decimators. As more of these vast robots are reactivated the world moves ever closer to another all-out war, drawing innocent victims into the deadly conflict."

Director:         Fumihiko Takayama
Screenplay:       Mayori Sekijama, Hiroshi Yamaguchi & Yuji Kishino
Character Design: Haruhiko Mikamoto
Copyright:        Big West, Orguss 02 Project

Language Format:  English Language
Running time:     60 mins each
Certificate:      12/12/15
Label:            Manga Video
Catalogue no:     MANV 1079/MANV 1086/MANV 1105
Price:            £11.99 each
Release Date:     3rd Apr/3rd Jul/2nd Oct 1995


Put the tape in, press play, go to change the sprog, come back to see the final credits, rewind, press play, read the blurb, see the mecha...Oh no! Not more sodding transformers! I don't have a good feeling about this.

Don't turn off yet. What's this? Jokes? Human interest? Hmm. And they aren't transformers. Indeed, although the fighting suits (Decimators) are what the characters are interested in, the story deals with the people and how they interact against a background of impending war, court intrigue, espionage and nasty bank managers. Just the sort of things we all have to deal with, really.

Synopsis: there are two major powers who are recovering long buried Decimators and they don't like each other. There's bad guys and goods guys on 'our' side and only bad guys on 'their' side - you know whose side is whose by which one speaks English - and the situation's going to hell in a handbasket quicker than you can say 'regicide'. There's the young buck who fancies the owner's daughter, and vice versa There's the bank come to foreclose on the mortgage. There's the old hand who takes the young buck under his wing. You get the picture?

OK, so none of the plot devices is stunningly original but they're used well, the art is up to scratch and it doesn't take itself seriously - even some of the jokes are funny. Recommended. [Marlon Seton]

The first two episodes of an ongoing series, set in an alternate world, where centuries after the 'space-time' catastrophe two armies race to unearth and reconstruct the robot-like war-engines that their more technologically equipped ancestors once used. The action centres on Lean, a young mechanic, who falls under the influence of Manning, a cynical and self-serving army officer. The action sometimes seems simplistic, but the character designs are good, the characters are interesting, the dialogue is well above average and there is plenty of absorbing storyline to keep the viewers hooked. Nothing deep here, but plenty of entertainment for both young and older viewers.

The second volume is if anything better, with less of the toyshop robots and more of Lean's adventures with the fascinating rebel girl Nataruma. When he takes Nataruma back to the home of his childhood sweetheart you can feel the tension! [Geoff Cowie]