Detonator Orgun

Official Blurb:

"2292 AD. Earth is finally at peace, guarded by the ever-vigilant Earth Defence Force. Bored with a life of automated luxury amidst the glittering towers of Artificial City 5, student Tomoru Shindo saves the adventure and excitement of the past. But while he loses himself in virtual reality dreams, a vast race of lethal machine warriors has chosen Earth as their next target for invasion. Tomoru is about to be given more adventure than he can handle...."

"Earth's only hope of survival is the Detonator Orgun unit, a renegade cybernetic soldier being rebuilt within the EDF headquarters. Constructed from alien data by the beautiful Professor Kanzaki, all Orgun needs to function is a pilot - and that pilot must be Tomoru Shindo!"

"As the first machines descend from orbit to wreak havoc in City 5, Tomoru must discover the true potential of Detonator Orgun before the EDF is overwhelmed and the Earth destroyed. But something lurks deep within Orgun's memory, a terrible secret which holds the key to the enemy's power - and to the future of the human race...."

"Combining red hot-mecha action with stunning animation and technical design, Detonator Organ is science-fiction anime at its best. The battle for Earth is about to begin...".

Director:         Masami Ohbari
Screenplay:       Hideki Kakinuma
Character Design: Michitaka Kikuchi
Copyright:        Darts

Language Format:  English Language
Running time:     150 mins
Certificate:      15
Catalogue no:     MANV1188
Price:            £13.99
Release Date:     14th July 1997