Oh, My Goddess!

Official Blurb:

"Wishing WILL make it so!"

"Keiichi dials a wrong number when phoning for take-out and ends up being visited a very pretty goddess. His wish that the beautiful Belldandy stay with him forever is granted, but his university dorm prohibits women. Can they find happiness despite the "help" of her two divinely-interfering sisters? Will our hero have the guts to put the moves on a babe who is truly "heavenly"?"

Creator/Supervisor: Kosuke Fujishima
Director:           Hiroaki Goda
Screenplay:         Naoko Hasegawa
Character Design:   Hidenori Matsubara
Copyright:          Kosuke Fujishima/Kodansha/TBS/KSS films

First release:
Label:              Anime Projects
Language Format:    Japanese Language, English Subtitles

Volume no.:         1               2                3
Running time:       30 mins         30 mins          30
Certificate:        U               12               U
Catalogue no:       AP095-002       AP095-004        AP095-007
Price:              £12.99          £12.99           £12.99
Release Date:       Apr 1995        24th Apr 1995    24th Apr 1995

Volume no.:         4               5
Running time:       30 mins         40 mins
Certificate:        U               U
Catalogue no:       AP095-009       AP095-012
Price:              £12.99          £12.99
Release Date:       2nd Oct 1995    9th Oct 1995

Second Release:
Label:              MVM
Language Format:    English Language

Volume no.:         1               2               3
Running time:       29 mins         29 mins         29
Certificate:        U               PG              U
Catalogue no:       MV1011          MV1012          MV1013
Price:              £11.99          £11.99          £11.99
Release Date:       10th July 2000  11th Sept 2000  6th Nov 2000

Volume no.:         4               5
Running time:       29 mins         40 mins
Certificate:        U               U
Catalogue no:       MV1014          MV1022
Price:              £11.99          £11.99
Release Date:       22nd Jan 2000   5th Feb 2001

DVD Release:
Label:              MVM
Language Format:    Bilingual Japanese/English, optional English Subtitles

Volume no.:         1               2
                    (eps 1-3)       (eps 4 & 5)
Running time:       87 mins         69 mins
Certificate:        12              U
Catalogue no:       MVD2001         MVD2002
Price:              £19.99          £19.99
Release Date:       6th Aug 2001    8th Oct 2001


Volume 1:

One of the most delightful anime series to reach our shores, and, unusually, a U cert. Student Keichi is left in the dorm to answer calls while his fellow students, all hulking bike fanatics, are out. Hungry, he telephones for food but finds the takeaways are not open. Instead, he gets the Goddess Helpline and no sooner realises he has a wrong number than a Goddess materialises in answer to his call. Offered one chance to wish for ANYTHING, he imagines various possibilities; however he has no girlfriend, the Goddess is cute so... he wishes that she stay with him forever.

The first result of this wish is that they are both thrown out of the men-only dorm... together. Homeless and wet, they take up residence in a disused shrine. The series, adapted from a manga, has proved a great fan favourite in Japan and in the USA, and Anime Projects will have no trouble selling tapes; even though they are rather short for £12.99. [Geoff Cowie]

This is the first part of a five-volume series based on a manga by Kosuke Fujishima. The plot involves a frustrated young man who accidentally dials a wrong phone number which summons a beautiful goddess, Belldandy. When she says she'll grant him a wish, he inadvertently tells her he'd like her to stay with him. Mayhem follows, as they are thrown out of the men-only dormtory and have to find somewhere else to live - further volumes will introduce us to Belldandy's sisters, Urd and Sculd. Stories of hapless young men having to cope with unexpected females are hardly original in anime, but this has enough good ideas to make it worth seeking out. The animation is well up to scratch with plenty of nice touches and good design to it. [Jonathan Weeks]

Volume 3:

Third volume in the charming romantic comedy series. In this episode, Keichi is stuck with representing the Auto Club in the University Drag Race. His mates have made a secret bet on the outcome that involves Belldandy. And as if two goddesses weren't trouble enough, Belldandy's little sister, Skuld, makes an appearance and interferes with the race preparations. A small masterpiece of animation; if you have the money, collect the whole series. [Geoff Cowie]