Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku

Official Blurb:

"A Father (PROFESSOR KYU),and his son (RYU) are on the run. With an android stolen from the huge Mishima corporation on the back seat they are pursued by an advanced helicopter gunship under instruction to return Ryun to his mother (AKIKO), at all costs! At the controls are two of Akiko's most loyal employees, (ARISA) and KYOKO), (set to bring a smile to the face of anyone privy to their attempts at retrieving Ryun.)"

"Stopping at nothing to achieve this aim with all manner of robotics and military hardware at her disposal Akiko sets about regaining her son's love and devotion."

"CRUSADER VIDEO brings you the latest in the Japanese media phenomenon sweeping the nation with the added bonus of a release entirely dubbed in Britain by British actors. Packed with levels of excitement and adventure that are sure to please the whole family. As well as showcasing a side of Japanese animation not previously seen in this country. This colourful, funny and utterly charming tale is told over three episodes, self contained on one video cassette."

Concept/Screenplay: Yuzo Takada
Director:           Yoshio Ishiwatari
Character Design:   Yuuji Moriyama
Copyright:          Starchild/MOVIC/KSS Inc.

Language Format:    English Language
  Kyoko, Yoshimi:   Elaine Claxton
  Shinjo, Grandpa:  Mike Cule
  Ryunosuke:        Theresa Page
  Kyusaku:          Paul Ritter
  Nuku-Nuku:        Abigail Thaw
  Akiko:            Lynne Verrall
  Arisa:            Soo (George) Verran
Songs:              Marina Speaks

Running time:       90 mins
Certificate:        PG (cut)
Catalogue no:       PAR 50008
Label:              Crusader Video
Price:              £12.99
Release Date:       21st March 1994.