Night Warriors

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VHS version:
Language:     English
Label:        Pioneer

Volume:       1             2             3             4
Running time: 45 mins       45 mins       45 mins       45 mins  
Certificate:  12            12            PG            12
Catalogue no: PIO 10056     PIO 10057     PIO 10058     PIO 10059
Price:        £10.99        £10.99        £10.99        £10.99
Release Date: 4th Oct 1999  4th Oct 1999  8th Nov 1999  8th Nov 1999

Comment from newsgroups:

Isaac Kuo:
The overall look/feel of Vampire Hunter is a mix of Gundam W
and Streetfighter II movie.  The character designer is the
one who did Gundam W and Streetfighter II, and the incidental
music/sound effects feel the same, too.  The animation suffers
from some Madhouse malaise, but only in contrast with other
high budget OVAs.  The action features the same dubious moves
and weapons from the videogame (so I've been told by those
familiar with the videogame)--your mileage may vary.  Personally,
I just chose to ignore the silly fighting and enjoy the story
(except for Morrigan, though, who is very watchable).

Basically, there are three tangentially related storylines
introduced in the first episode.  Dimitri Maximoff is trying
to steal a key from Morrigan's castle, a group of humans
decides to try and attack and kill the Dark Stalkers (including
Felicia and Zabel Zarock early on), and Donovan finds and
"befriends" Anita.  It's too early to tell how well these
stories will come together, but it looks like there will be
a lot of ground to cover in the four episodes.

My favorite storyline is the first, because of the interesting
relationship between Dimitri and Morrigan (they meet for the
first time in this episode).  Morrigan, voiced by Sakuma Rei,
is basically what Arshes Nei would have grown up to be if
she were born and raised as royalty.  She looks down on
_everyone_ (including the fanboys, based on the box cover).
Dimitri is theoretically manly and macho, but his ego just looks
like a sham back to back with Morrigan's.

Well, I can't really make any firm conclusions just based on
the first episode.  As far as I'm concerned, it will succeed
or fail based on its story.  The more I think about episode
1, the more I want to know what will happen.  That's a good