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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
June releases from ADV Films
ADV films have sent me the press release for their June releases. Of foremost interest is the first volume of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Directors' Cut. Here is the blurb:
 LONDON, UK, 17th May 2004 - ADV Films today announced a 21st June 2004
 release date for Resurrection, the first of two Directors' Cut volumes of the
 enormously influential anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Directors'
 Cut is not just a remaster, but a revised and re-edited special edition
 produced under the careful supervision of creators Hideaki Anno and Gainax to
 include amazing new footage never before available outside of Japan. The
 first volume contains Evangelion episodes 21-23 in both the extended
 Directors' Cut versions and the original broadcast versions, allowing fans to
 see the creative progression of this seminal title's final moments.

 In addition to the Directors' Cut episodes, ADV has obtained special DVD
 extras that are sure to fuel the excitement for this highly anticipated
 release. Resurrection will include an exclusive 25-minute interview with
 Richard Taylor, co-founder and head of Effects and Creatures, and designer
 Ben Wooton, from Weta Workshop, the multiple Academy Award-winning (for The
 Lord of the Rings Trilogy) special effects studio currently working on the
 Neon Genesis Evangelion live-action feature. Also included are numerous
 never-before-seen production images from the theatrical release.

 Neon Genesis Evangelion: Directors' Cut-Resurrection (19.99 RRP) includes
 episodes 21-23 in both director's cut and original broadcast versions. In
 both English 2.0-languange and Japanese 2.0-language versions, with English
 subtitles. Extras include clean opening & closing animations, the exclusive
 behind-the-scenes preview of the Evangelion live-action film with WETA
 Workshop, and ADV previews.

 Running Time: 150m approx.     BBFC Classification: 12
 Street Date: 21/06/04          Cat#: DEV/DC1
 Format: DVD                    RRP: 19.99

Also release on 21st June will be Angelic Layer vol.2 - On A Wing And A Player, Zaion vol.2 - Devastation, Najica Blitz Tactics vol.3, Full Metal Panic! Mission 5, and RahXephon: Orchestration 6 - Aria

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
More new titles from ADV scheduled
In a telephone conversation this morning, ADV Films have confirmed release dates for three new titles in the UK. Evangelion: Directors Cut will be released on 21st June, and Rune Soldier volume 1 and Queen Esmeraldas will be release on 19th July.


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