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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
ADV Films UK announces licenses
ADV Films UK have posted an article on their website ( listing new anime titles that they have acquired for UK release. The full list is:
Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture - Prince of Darkness 
Sakura Wars OVA Collection 
Sakura Wars TV 
Slayers Return 
Angelic Layer
Evangelion: Director's Cut
You're Under Arrest - mini-specials
You're Under Arrest - The Movie
Rune Soldier
Azumanga Daioh
Cosplay Complex
Blue Seed 2
Original Dirty Pair: Project EDEN
Sorcerer Hunters: OVA Collection
Neo Ranga
New Cutey Honey
Mega Zone
Bast of Lemon
Conduct Zero

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Proposed MVM 2004 release schedule
MVM have sent me a copy of their proposed release schedule for the first half of 2004. It includes many titles already announced, and a few more including Ninja Scroll TV and Tenchi Muyo. Here is the full list:
19/1/2004   Vampire Princess Miyu volume 5
            Urusei Yatsura Movie 6

 2/2/2004   Vampire Princess Miyu volume 6
            Serial Experiments Lain volume 1
            Fruits Basket volume 1
            Sailor Moon volume 8 limited edition with box

 8/3/2003   Serial Experiments Lain volume 2
            Fruits Basket volume 2
            Sailor Moon volume 9

 5/4/2004   Serial Experiments Lain volume 3
            Fruits Basket volume 3
            Tenchi Muyo volume 1
            Bio Hunter

 3/5/2004   Sailor Moon volume 10
            Ninja Scroll TV volume 1
            Sailor Moon volume 11
            Kiddy Grade volume 1
            Tenchi Muyo volume 2
            Twilight Of The Dark Master

 7/6/2004   Ninja Scroll tv volume 2
            Serial Experiments Lain volume 4
            Fruits Basket volume 4
            Kiddy Grade volume 2
            Golgo 13: Queen Bee
5/7/2004   Tenchi Muyo volume 3
            Ninja Scroll TV volume 3
            Sailor Moon volume 12
            Psycho Diver Soul Siren
            Kiddy Grade volume 3

Monday, November 17, 2003
Fox Kids DVD giveaway
An offer is running this week in the Sun newspaper offering free Fox Kids DVDs, including one featuring the anime series Shin-chan. To get the DVDs, you have to take a coupon from the newspaper to a branch of Blockbusters.

The official announcement is here:,3489,4825,00.html

Monday, November 10, 2003
Two MVM releases confirmed
MVM have confirmed two new DVD releases: 'Urusei Yatsura Movie 5 - The Final Chapter' (12.99, 84 mins, certificate PG) will be out on 17th November, and 'Vampire Princess Miyu volume 4 - Mystery' (19.99, 125 minutes, certificate 12) will be out on 1st December.


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