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Friday, May 30, 2003
MVM/Funimation news
MVM have confirmed that their July releases will be another volume of Sailor Moon TV (episodes 25-30), and the last volume of Blue Gender (volume 8). The next series scheduled for release is Vampire Princess Miyu TV, which will start later in the summer.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Manga Entertainment extra
I managed to miss out two Manga Entertainment releases from the recent update. Vampire Hunter D and Detonator Orgun are two more classic titles being given a DVD upgrade on 2nd June. Both DVDs will feature a UK exclusive commentary track by Jonathan Clements.

Sunday, May 18, 2003
Manga Entertainment news
A recent chat with Manga Entertainment revealed the following:

The Patlabor and Blackjack DVDs that were due out on the 12th May have been released on schedule.

23rd June will see the release of Akira: The Ultimate Collection. This is a revised DVD edition of the movie, containing both the new English dub done by Pioneer, and the original Steamline dub.

The first volume of Virus Buster Serge will be release on 14th July. This is the latest anime from Masami Obari (Fatal Fury, Gowcaiser).

On the same day, the second set of 'Manga: the Collection' releases will also come out. As with the first set, these DVDs are no-frills re-releases of old Manga titles for £9.99 each. The titles this time are Bubblegum Crash, Violence Jack, Rayearth, New Gall Force and Dark Myth.

Moving on to 11th August we have a DVD re-release of Ghost in the Shell. This version will be remastered, and have more extras than the original release.

The last two new releases planned are tentative - Read or Die on 11th August and Kaidomaru on 8th September. Being so far ahead, there's a good chance these dates will slip.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Tetsuya Chiba in Brighton
If you can't make it to London on Saturday, Tetsuya Chiba will be repeating his talk later on the same day in Brighton, at the Sallis Benney Theatre. Details can be found on their website at (Thanks to Yoav Felberbaum for the tip-off).
Cowboy Bebop release date
Columbia TriStar have unofficially told me that they have secured an initial theatrical release date for Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. It will be playing at the ICA in London, starting on 27th June and running for 5 weeks.

Sunday, May 11, 2003
More info on Tetsuya Chiba in London
Jonathan Clements has sent me a crutial bit of info regarding the Tetsuya Chiba event in London next week:

"You've already reported on the Tetsuya Chiba event at Brixton's Ritzy Cinema next Saturday, but I have a bit of extra information. I met the organisers, who informed me that the screening of Tomorrow's Joe 2 will *not* be subtitled. Chiba will be talking about the plot of the movie and the main characters as part of the event, but the film will be screened unsubbed, with only an outline for the audience to go on. If I were a fan planning on travelling a long distance (and the organisers were enthusiastically announcing that some people were coming all the way from Sheffield), that's something I'd appreciate knowing before I set out. Chiba alone is well worth the price of admission, so I hope the absence of subtitles doesn't put too many people off."

"If I'd known about this state of affairs earlier, I might have been able to do more about it, but I was only contacted by the organisers last week."

Saturday, May 03, 2003
Patlabor and Blackjack DVD details
Manga have sent me details of the special features on their next two DVD releases. Both are due out on 12th May:

Patlabor 1+2: Digitally Re-mastered, English Dolby Digital, 5.1 Surround Sound English Stereo, 2.0 Japanese Stereo, English Subtitles, Portuguese subtitles, previously unseen 'Behind the Scenes' footage spanning 60 minutes, Manga Previews. Total running time: 290 mins. RRP: £19.99.

Blackjack: Digitally Re-mastered, Widescreen, English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, English Stereo 2.0, Japanese Stereo 2.0 with English Subtitles, Manga Previews. Running time: 93 mins. RRP: £17.99.

Friday, May 02, 2003
ADV release schedule
ADV Films have sent me their current release schedule covering from May until August. The notable additions are Hellsing, Devil Lady and RahXephon:
19th May:
Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 03
Martian Successor Nadesico Volume 03
Dai-Guard Vol.2 : To Serve and Defend 
Noir Volume 01 : Shades of Darkness
Excel Saga Volume 01 : The Wierdness Begins

16th June:
Ninja Ressurection : The revenge of Jubei
Samurai X : The Motion Picture
Gasaraki Vol.7
Burn Up Excess Vol 2 : Crimes and Missed Demeanors
Zone of The Enders: Delores Vol.2: Operation Escape
Bubblegum Crisis Vol.3: Leviathans
Boogie Pop Phantom Evolution 1

21st July:
Dragon Half
Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 04
Martian Successor Nadesico Volume 04
Dai-Guard Volume 3 : Checks and Balances of Terror
Noir Volume 2 : The Hit List
Excel Saga Volume 2 : Missions Improbable
Hellsing Volume 1 - Impure Souls

18th August:
Gasaraki Volume 8 : To be a Kai
Burn Up Excess Volume 3 : Under The Gun
Zone Of the Enders - Delores 3
Bubblegum Crisis Volume 4 : Buried Secrets
Boogiepop Phantom Evolution 2
Devil Lady Volume 1 - The Awakening
RahXephon Orchestration 1 : Threshold


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