Animejin News - 11th January 2000


January Manga Max out

Issue 14 of Manga Max has hit the shelves. Aswell as the usual news and
reviews, it contains a 10 year retrospective on the US anime industry,
articles on Metal Angel Marie, martial arts in anime, the manga version of
Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, Princess Mononoke, Initial D, Neo
Geo Pocket and Tsui Hark's Chinese Ghost Story: The Animation.


Ghost in the Shell DVD details

Manga Entertainment have been kind enough to send me a preview copy of the
Ghost in the Shell DVD that will be released in February. The DVD will
contain a digitally remastered copy of the film with English and Japanese
soundtracks and English subtitles, a complete movie production report,
"The Making of Ghost in the Shell", and the Palm Hyperactive DVD content
including "A Guide to Ghost in the Shell".


Current UK anime release schedule

Contrary to the listings in Manga Max, MVM's first Orange Road and Urusei
Yatsura tapes will not be out in February. Their only definite release is
Robotech II: The Sentinals in March.

Manga Video have canceled Fist of the North Star TV series as of volume 7.

All of the following dates are subject to change.

17th January  : Metal Angel Marie (A), Takegami 2 (A)
February      : Original Dirty Pair Vol. 1 (A), Airbats 3rd Strike (A),
28th February : Ghost in the Shell DVD (M)
March         : Perfect Blue DVD (M)
6th March     : Robotech II: The Sentinals (V)
April         : X (M)
May           : Bubblegum Crisis 2040 Vol. 1 (A)

(A)=ADV Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (P)=Pioneer Anime, (V)=MVM