Animejin News - 5th October 1999


ADV Films Press Release

                           SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

Prepare for your eyes to blur and your ears to pop in a barrage of blue,
blistering speed on 1st November 1999 as A.D.Vision release Sonic - The
Movie on retail video.

Sonic - the blue hedgehog, computer game mega star is well and truly back
in the game in his own full feature length animated movie. Reunited with
all of his old pals including Tails the flying fox, Knuckles the echidna
and the beautiful Sara, Sonic is up against his arch rival, the evil
egg-head, Dr. Robotnik as he embarks upon his most manic mission ever.

Featuring awesome, state of the art animation and amazing accelerated
action, Sonic - The Movie is the first Sonic video release ever, meaning
'home video hedgehog heaven' for all speed-hungry spectators.

Sonic The Hedgehog recently returned as the world's most popular computer
games hero in Sega's jaw-dropping game, Sonic Adventure for their
revolutionary Dreamcast machine.

Supported by a major press and television PR campaign.

Advertising in the major computer games press including Official
Dreamcast Magazine, DC UK, Total Dreamcast, Gamesmaster, C&VG, Nintendo
WorId, Playstation Max and Timecode.


Manga Max 11 out

The October issue of Manga Max has hit the shelves, with a well timed
Pokemon article dominating the cover. Other features this issue are on
Beat Takahashi, Sakura Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spirit of Wonder and Rin


Current UK anime release schedule

All of the following dates are subject to change.

Out Now       : Slayers - Explosion Array (A), Sakura Wars (A)
October       : Night Warriors vol. 1 (P), Night Warriors vol. 2 (P)
11th October  : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 7 (M), Perfect Blue (M),
15th October  : X/1999 (M - Theatrical)
1st November  : Legend of Crystania - A New Beginning (A),
                Sonic The Hedgehog - The Movie (A),
                801 TTS Airbats vol. 2 (A)
November      : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 8 (M)
December      : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 9 (M)
January       : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 10 (M)
February      : Astroboy vol. 1 (M)
21st February : Ghost in the Shell (M - DVD)
March         : Rayearth vol. 1 (M)

(A)=ADV Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (P)=Pioneer Anime, (V)=MVM