Animejin News - 24th May 1999


New Pioneer Animation releases

               Tenchi The Movie 2 - Daughter of Darkness

This second movie features Mayuka, a young girl who mysteriously arrives at
Tenchi's house claiming to be his daughter. Mayuka is however under the
influence of Yuzuha, the demoness of darkness. With her 700 year grudge
toward Yosho, she plans her revenge by foring Tenchi into the Dimension of
Darkness to rescue his friends.

Release Date : 28th June 1999
Catalogue No.: PIO 10048
Running Time : 60 mins
Certificate  : 12
Retail price : 12.99

                         Pretty Sammy Volume 3

As Pretty Sammy (Sasami) was losing a battle against Pixy Misa in outer
space, the sudden arrival of a giant meterorite saved her, The meterorite
continued on to crash at a resourt beach in Japan - the same beach Sasami
and her friends are supposed to go on their vacation. There, a mysterious
man appears on the beach. Is he Sammy's friend or enemy?

Release Date : 28th June 1999
Catalogue No.: PIO 10046
Running Time : 43 mins
Certificate  : PG
Retail price : 10.99


Manga Max 7

Another issue of the UKs only anime magazine has hit the shelves sporting a
Perfect Blue cover and main article with other features on Dirty Pair,
Parasite Eve, The Water Margin, Fake, plus all the regular features.


Current UK anime release schedule

Perfect Blue (theatrical release) is currently showing at the ICA, London
and Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh until 3rd June.

All of the following dates are subject to change.

4th June      : Bubblegum Crisis vol. 3 (V), Riding Bean (V),
7th June      : Dirty Pair Flash 2 Act 2 (A), Slayers: Dragon Slave (A)
28th June     : Tenchi The Movie 2 (P), Pretty Sammy vol. 3 (P)
June          : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 3 (M), Astroboy vol. 1 (M)
                El Hazard 2 vol. 1 Limited Edition (P)
July          : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 4 (M), Astroboy vol. 2 (M),
5th July      : Legend of Crystania: Cave of the Sealed (A), Takegami (A)
August        : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 5 (M), X (M)

(A)=ADV Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (P)=Pioneer Anime, (V)=MVM