Animejin News - 11th January 1999

Manga Video Press Releases


Fist of the North Star TV Series Volume 1 will be released through Manga 
Entertainment during March 1999. The series comprises 12 razor-sharp
volumes, which will hit the shelves on a monthly basis. 

All 12 volumes have been re-scored by long time Manga enthusiasts,
Reinforced Records. Featured artists include 4Hero; Tek 9; Sonar Circle;
Seiji; Alpha Omega and DJ Stretch. 

"Manga goes hand-in-hand with drum & bass", explains Marc Mac. It's an
association that's developed over the years, with many clubs and artists
using Manga visuals. Manga has strong futuristic undercurrents, which are
clearly reflected in drum 8 bass. 

The Fist of the North Star project has enabled Reinforced artists to write
film music for the first time and explore new directions. "We wanted to let
the images in the animation drive the musical direction. So the result is
quite varied, but still experimental and underground". 

Reinforced Records are responsible for such underground classics as 'Last
Action Hero', 'Here Comes the Drumz', 'Dark Rider', 'Ghosts' and 4Hero's
'Parallel Universe' LP. 


                       A New Superhuman Age Has Dawned 

The age of the superhuman has dawned in Blackjack, a fast-paced tale of
medical conspiracy, released by Manga Entertainment on 18th January 1999,
priced 13.99. 

The Atlanta Olympics heralds a major breakthrough in mankind, a new breed
of being that can achieve the impossible. Thirteen Olympic records are
smashed and the world takes note that human life is now capable of far more
than ever imagined. 

Two years down the line and superhuman mankind is under threat, suffering
from a catastrophic degenerative disease called the 'moira syndrome'.
Patients once thought infallible are now aging rapidly and dying like
flies. The medical establishment is baffled and Blackjack, the 'rebel'
doctor, is called upon to provide an answer. 

Blackjack discovers that superhuman mankind is tb.e product of a
revolutionary new drug with catastrophic side effects called 'Endorph A'.
Originally manufactured to further mankind, 'Endorph A' had assumed viral
properties and threatens to wipe out life, as we know it. 

With the fate of mankind in his hands, Blackjack contracts the disease and
is plunged into a web of 'X-Files' type conspiracy, racing against time to
find a cure before it's too late. 


                              GIANT ROBO 7
                     Mecha-mayhem Concludes in Style 

The eagerly awaited final episode of the Giant Robo series arrives with an
earth-shattering finale. The iron grip of the Eye of Folger has entombed
the planet for seven days, when Emmanuelle acquires the crucial third
sample. Freedom can now be attained but it will come at a heavy price. In 
desperation, both Chief Chujo and agent Ginrei prepare to make the ultimate
sacrifice, while the remaining Agents of Justice execute their final
assault upon the Eye. But does the union of the samples hold the key to Dr.
Von Folgar's ultimate vengeance, or is it instead the secret to his final
reconciliation with humanity. 

                             BAREFOOT GINREI 

Giant Robo 7 is accompanied by Barefoot Ginrei, an exclusive 30 minutes of
unseen footage. Ginrei is a beautiful, intelligent agent and a major thorn
in the side of Big Fire, the terrorist power group intent on global
domination. One day she awakes to find her uniform stolen and her descent
into life threatening danger begins. 

Giant Robo 7 will be available in all good video stockists from 18th
January 1999, priced 10.99. 


Current UK anime release schedule

Everything from Manga has been pushed back again (the later dates are very
tentative). Yes, they really are going to release Astroboy, and that's the
Rayearth OAVs in there, not the TV series.

All of the following dates are subject to change.

18th January  : Blackjack (M), Giant Robo 7 (M),
              : Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 13 (A)
1st February  : Slayers The Motion Picture (A)
1st March     : Legend of Crystania (A), Rail of the Star (A)
8th March     : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 1 (M)
12th April    : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 2 (M),
                Astroboy vol. 1 (M)
May           : Perfect Blue (M - Theatrical),
                Rayearth vol. 1 (M)
August        : X (M)

(A)=ADV Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (P)=Pioneer Anime