Animejin News - 3rd January 1999

Manga Max 2 out now

The January issue of Manga Max has appeared on schedule. This issue
contains articles on Invasion America, Slayers, tekken, Naoki Urasawa, The
Heroic Legend of Arslan, Utena and Iria.


AD Vision Press Release

                             THE MOTION PICTURE

                          A brand new title for 1999

Join Lina Inverse, bandit killer, black sorceress, robs from the rich and
gives to herself. And Naga the White Serpent, Lina's self-proclaimed
archrival and occasional travelling companion on a journey to the
mysterious Mipross. Watch as they battle phantom dragons, zombie armies,
amphibious demons and killer jellyfish. Experiance the mayhem in the
wildest, most incredible SLAYERS adventure of them all.

                     Running time: Approximately 70 minutes
                               Certificate PG
                               English dubbed
                           Catalogue no:VHSSL/001D
                            Barcode: 702727011238
                        Dealer Price 8.84  RRP 12.99

                        RELEASE DATE 1ST FEBRUARY 1999
                                Advertised in
                      Comics International, Gamesmaster,
                      Manga Max, Dreamwatch and Timecode.


Current UK anime release schedule

All of the following dates are subject to change.

11th January  : Blackjack (M), Giant Robo 7 (M)
18th January  : Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 13 (A)
1st February  : Slayers The Motion Picture (A)
February      : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 1 (M), Battle Skipper 2 (K)
1st Match     : Legend of Crystania (A), Rail of the Star (A)
March         : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 2 (M)
April         : X (M)
May           : Perfect Blue (M - Theatrical)

(A)=ADV Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (P)=Pioneer Anime, (K)=Kiseki Films