Animejin News - 4th December 1998

Manga Entertainment plans for 1999

First up we have Giant Robo 7. This will be released in January and will
include the Ginrei Special on the same tape as a bonus.

The first volume of the long awaited Fist of the North Star TV series will
be out in February, with further volumes released monthly.

X is not now going to be theatrically released. It will go straight to
video in April.

Theatrical release of Perfect Blue has moved again to May. If you can't
wait that long, Manga are hoping to organise a special preview screening at
the Gantry Cinema, Southampton to take place sometime during the weekend of
19th to 21st March (to coincide with Minami Con 5).


First issue of Manga Max now out

The all new Manga Max has risen from the ashes of Manga Mania and is now
available from all good newsagents. In this issue, alongside the usual news
and reviews are an interview with Neil Gaiman on his work on the English
version of Mononoke Hime, and articles on Masamune Shirow, Masami Tsuda,
Role-playing in Japan, Pocket Monsters and Jet Li. There is also a optional
'Free Sex Supplement' with some copies with articles on (wait for it) sex
in manga and anime.


Current UK anime release schedule

AD Vision has scheduled the release of the final volume of Neon Genesis
Evangelion for 18th January and Slayers The Movie for 1st February.

All of the following dates are subject to change.

Out now       : Record of Lodoss War vol. 4 (P), Record of Lodoss War
                vol. 5 (P), Record of Lodoss War vol. 6 (P)
7th December  : Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 12 (A), Tekken The Motion
                Picture (A)
11th January  : Blackjack (M), Giant Robo 7 (M)
18th January  : Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 13 (A)
1st February  : Slayers The Movie (A)
February      : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 1 (M)
March         : Fist of the North Star TV vol. 2 (M)
April         : X (M)
May           : Perfect Blue (M - Theatrical)

(A)=ADV Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (P)=Pioneer Anime, (K)=Kiseki Films