Animejin News - 13th September 1998


Titan Books Press Release

[Although a release date of 2nd October is given, copies are already on
 sale in some shops]

                         THE EROTIC ANIME MOVIE GUIDE
                  by Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements

          Published: 2 October 1998 12.99 paperback 1 85286 946 1

A fascinating exploration of anime's approach to the controversial realms
of sex and the erotic.

Anime is a true cultural phenomenon, with a fervent and ever-increasing
following in the West. Of its many varied categories and genres, none
however is as endlessly fascinating and controversial as its portrayal of
the highly charged area of the erotic...

While westerners obsession with Japanese pornography is growing, there is
still little serious examination of the genre itself. Now, in the
pioneering follow-up to Titan's award-winning Anime Movie Guide, this
revealing book uncovers for the first time this neglected area. Written for
both the intrigued casual viewer and committed fan alike, the authors seek
to challenge the stock response that anime is just sick oriental porn by
intelligently discussing the complexities of this area.

Pain stakingly researched and packed with detail and stunning images, this
guide covers all aspects of the genre, including:
 - Censorship and the media
 - Early erotica, before the advent of OAV
 - Comedy and the Cream Lemon phenomenon
 - Shonen Ai: gay erotica for women
 - Legend of the Ovefiend: sex, horror and tentacles
 - Interactive erotica
 - A-Z listing of over 200 erotic anime titles

Helen McCarthy is Britain's acknowledged expert on Japanese animation, and
is the author of The Anime Movie Guide and Anime! A Beginner's Guide To
Japanese Animation (both Titan Books).

Jonathan Clements received a Master's degree from Stirling University for
his research into anime and manga publishing. He has adapted over fifty
anime and manga titles into English and is currently the editor of the
magazine Manga Mania.


Pioneer Press Releases

[These arrived on 5th September]

                             BRAND NEW FEATURE

The Galazy Police headquarters has vanished! One word was left scrawled as
a clue...KAIN! 

The merciless criminal has escaped from sub space where he had been
imprisioned by the Jurai Royal Family and the Galaxy Police. Kain vents
his anger by demolishing the GP headquarters and attacking the Jurai King.
But nothing can keep him back. His next target is..Earth!

Strange things are already happening on our planet, Tenchi's house suddenly
disappears and even his own body is fading fast. Something must have
happened to Tenchi's mother in a previous time and the gang must rush back
to the year 1970 to rescue our hero and his family home from the evil Kain. 

Title          Tenchi Muyo - The Movie
Release date   7th September 1998
Catalogue no.  PIO 10036
Running time   95 minutes (approx)
Certificate    PG
Category       Japanese dubbed animation
Retail price   12.99
Dealer price   8.84
Barcode        5022626 103670


                             NEW RELEASE

The fall of Myce has dragged Parn and his friends into the midst of the
invasion of Lodoss. They must warn the remaining free kingdoms of the
impending peril. As they attempt a dangerous short-cut through the Forest
of No Return, the King of Valis sends his daughter to confer with the King
of Alania. But fate once again intervenes, and the party must do battle
with Karla, the mysterious Grey Witch, as she attempts to kidnap the King's
daughter. Having rescued her, our six heroes are invited to a lavish court
party where Parn meets a powerful new ally: Kashue, the warrior king of the
Kingdom of Flaim. As Emperor Beld's dark forces approach Valis, Parn and
his friends seek out the sage Wort to learn about Karla's origins and her
real intentions. Racing against time, they desperately attempt to stop the
Emperors invasion.

Title          Record of Lodoss War Vol. 2
Release date   7th September 1998
Catalogue no.  PIO 10038
Running time   60 minutes (approx)
Certificate    12
Category       Japanese dubbed animation
Retail price   12.99
Dealer price   8.84
Barcode        5022626 103878


                              NEW RELEASE

Iria returns from Taowajan only to find her apartment ransacked and records
of recent incidents mysteriously tampered with. Iria's caught in the middle
of a major conspiracy and someone is out to silence her.

But she's not alone - delving deeper into the truth behind the conspiracy,
she is rescued by another bounty hunter who has orders to protect her. But
how far does this protection stretch? Join Iria as she returns to Taowajan
to seek out the real truth about Zeiram - killer extraordinaire.

Title          Iria Volume 2 (of 3)
Release date   7th September 1998
Catalogue no.  PIO 10044
Running time   58 minutes
Certificate    12
Category       Japanese dubbed animation
Retail price   12.99
Dealer price   8.84
Barcode        5022626 104479


Further Pioneer News

A new edition of Pioneer's 'Anime Press' leaflet is now available. Fronted
by an article by Jpnathan Clements, the main content is a catalogue of all
of Pioneer's releases, including future releases Final Fantasy, Tenchi The
Movie 2 and El Hazard 2. There is also a section devoted to various
merchandise from Viz and Pioneer - mainly CDs, graphic novels and T-shirts.
It also mentions that there is now a Pioneer Anime web site at


Just thought you'd like to know...

Three of the new words included in the latest edition of the Oxford English
Dictionary are 'anime', 'manga' and 'otaku'.


Current UK anime release schedule

The theatrical release of X has been put back until 'early 1999'.

All of the following dates are subject to change.

Out now       : Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 10 (A),
                Dirty Pair Flash vol. 2 (A), Tenchi Muyo - The Movie (P),
                Record of Lodoss War vol. 2 (P), Iria vol. 2 (P).
5th  October  : Record of Lodoss War vol. 3 (P), Iria vol. 3 (P),
                Final Fantasy (P), Shuten Doji 4 (A).
9th  November : Blackjack (M), Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 11 (A),
                Dirty Pair Flash vol. 3 (A), Tenchi Muyo - The Movie 2 (P),
                Record of Lodoss War vol. 4 (P)
January       : Perfect Blue (M - theatrical)

(A)=ADV Films, (M)=Manga Entertainment, (P)=Pioneer Anime, (K)=Kiseki Films