Animejin News - 6th August 1998


Manga showings at the Ritzy

The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, London is currently in the middle of a six
week Manga film season. A different film is being show at around 11:20pm
each Saturday. The remaining films in the season are Ninja Scroll on 8th
August, Wicked City on 15th August and Golgo 13: The Professional on 22nd
August. For exact times, contact the Ritzy on (0171) 737 2121.


Current UK anime release schedule

Blackjack has slipped to November. Dates for the theatrical releases of X
and Perfect Blue have now been set.

All of the following dates are subject to change.

Out now       : Shutendoji 3 (A).
17th August   : Record of Lodoss War vol. 1 (P), Iria vol. 1 (P).
7th  September: Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 10 (A),
                Dirty Pair Flash vol. 2 (A), Tenchi Muyo - The Movie (P),
                Record of Lodoss War vol. 2 (P), Iria vol. 2 (P).
5th  October  : Record of Lodoss War vol. 3 (P), Iria vol. 3 (P),
                Final Fantasy (P).
9th  November : Blackjack (M), Record of Lodoss War vol. 4 (P),
                Tenchi Muyo - The Movie 2 (P), X (M - theatrical).
January       : Perfect Blue (M - theatrical)

(A) = ADV films, (M) = Manga Entertainment, (P) = Pioneer Anime