Animejin News - 14th July 1998

[Due to circumstances within my control this bulletin is two days late]

Manga Mania #46 out

The latest issue of Manga Mania went on sale earlier this month. Contrary to my
previous report, it is this issue that is the last under Helen McCarthy's
editorship. The next issue will be in November and will be a complete revamp,
with the intention of selling it worldwide instead of just the UK. 

This issue contains articles on Godzilla, Princess Mononoke, Record of Lodoss
War, Samurai Pizza Cats, interviews with Ringo Lam, Chiyako Shibahara, Hiroaki
Sato and Kazuo Yamazaki, and the usual news, reviews and regular columns.


Manga Entertainment release changes

After Vampire Wars is released this month, Manga's release schedule has
changed. A delay in gettimg materials from Japan has put the video release of
Blackjack back to September. The theatrical releases of Perfect Blue and X have
been put back to October and November respectively, with video releases for
both a month or two later.