Animejin News - 30th May 1998

AD Vision Press Release

                             ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT
                                DIRTY PAIR FLASH

Based on the best selling novels by Haruka Takachiho, the adventures of the
World Welfare & Works Agency's most famous trouble-consultants have thrilled
millions of fans around the world in almost every medium possible, from books
and comics to television and motion pictures! Now animation's terrible duo are
here in their most chaotic and destructive incarnation yet.

                     Running time: Approximately 50 minutes
                                 Certificate 12
                                 Englich dubbed
                            Catalogue no. VHSDF/001D
                              Barcode 702727026430
                         Dealer Price 8.84  RRP 12.99

                           Release date 6th July 1998

                  Advertised in Bizzare, Comics International,
                      SFX, Platstation Power, Gamesmaster,
                    Power Magazine, Manga Mania and Timecode


Anime on the telly

Fox Kids are putting Samurai Pizza Cats and Eagle Riders back onto their
schedules. Both shows will be broadcast every weekday at 1:30pm and 2:00pm
respectively starting on Monday 1st June.

The other good news, and the reason this message is a day early, is that BBC 2
are showing Wings of Honneamise for the second time on Sunday 31st May at


Kiseki Films announce first 1998 releases

Kiseki Films have produced an official press release announcing the release of
Big Wars ("From the production team that brought you M.D.Geist") on 15th June
and Battle Skipper ("From the team that brought you the cult classic Plastic
Little") on 21st July.


Anime at the Cardiff International Animation Festival

This Years Cardiff Animation Festival running from 23rd-28th June will feature
three screenings of interest to anime fans. Memories will be shown on Thursday
25th June at 10:00pm, and Perfect Blue will be shown on Saturday 27th June at
10:00pm. Both showings will be at St. David's Hall, The Hayes, Cardiff. The
other screening mentioned is "General Chaos, the first theatrical compilation
of short animated films from the Manga vaults", with no details given.

For further details of the festival check out