Animejin News - 10th May 1998

AD Vision press release

                                  SHUTEN DOJI
                              THE STAR HAND KID 2

Go Nagai's masterpiece of erotic horror continues as Jiro tries to solve the
mystery of his birth. The newly revealed warrior in the conflict between the
forces of light and darkness must cross time and space to find a way to defeat
the awesome power of the Oni. SHUTEN DOJI is non-stop action from the creator

                   Running time: approximately 50 minutes
                               Certificate 18
                             English subtitled
                          Catalogue no. VHSSD/002S
                            BARCODE 702727010637
                        Dealer price 8.84  RRP $12.99
                          Release date 8th June 1998
               Advertised in Comics International, Gamesmaster,
                      Timecode, Total Film and Manga Mania


Pioneer Schedule

Pioneer have updated their release schedule:

July:      Record of Lodoss War vol. 1, Iria vol. 1, Armitage III - Polymatrix
September: Record of Lodoss War vol. 2, Iria vol. 2, Tenchi Muyo - The Movie
October:   Record of Lodoss War vol. 3, Iria vol. 3, Final Fantasy
November:  Record of Lodoss War vol. 4, Tenchi Muyo - The Movie 2

Record of Lodoss War will have three episodes on the first volume and then two
episodes per volume after that. Iria will be two episodes per volume. Due to a
licensing isuue, Final Fantasy will not be called Final Fantasy when it is