Animejin News - 26th April 1998

Pioneer Press Release

                        MAY RELEASE FROM PIONEER ANIME 
                            PRETTY SAMMY VOLUME 2 

Pretty Sammy put in a guest appearance in an episode of Pioneer's most popular
title - 'Tenchi Muyo!' and was originally meant as a parody. However,  she
became so popular that she has been given her own show. 

Stylish Japanese animation and fantastic adventure abound in these titles, so 
suspend disbelief and be entertained, Japanese style. 

Following a chance visit to a strange lady who introduces Sammy to a magical 
kingdom called Jurailhelm, she asks Sasami (Pretty Sammy) to help make the
earth a better plaace by using the magical powers she can endow upon her. Her 
magical career thus begins. 

In volume 2, Sasami and Tenchi get into trouble with Pixy Misa when purchasing
black market karaoke software. Sasami is obliged to transform herself into
Pretty Sammy to fight against digital monsters that Misa creates. 

Meanwhile Biff continues with his plans to standardise the world by pulling the 
moon to earth using concentrated network power. 

                    Release Date - 4 May * 45mins * Cert PG 
                             RRP 8.99 * PIO 10033