Animejin News - 12th April 1998

New Manga Mania out

Another issue of Manga Mania has arrived on schedule. Number 45 contains
articles on Perfect Blue, Sword for Truth, Burn Up W, Debutante Detective
Corps, Chisa Yokoyama, Hyperdolls, a retrospective on Macross and an interview
with Frederik L. Schodt as well as all the regular features.

Two bits of bad news for the magazine are a price rise to 3.25 and the
resignation of Helen McCarthy as editor. No reason has been given for Helen's
departure, and no annoucement of a replacement has been made.


Manga Video Press Release

                               MUM, MY HEAD HURTS! 

Load up your brains and cock your mental trigger in preparation of the mind-
bombing Manga Video release of Psychic Wars on 20th May 1998. Get ready to be
blown away as the Earth awaits a full-on mind mashing, protected only by a time
travelling doctor with zero experience of Daleks, let alone psychic Demons. 

Brilliant surgeon Ukyo Retsu performs an operation to remove a cancer from a
mysterious old woman. The "cancer" turns out to be a 5,000 year old demon, a
dark messenger from Japan's ancient past, heralding a demonic invasion of

Ukyo travels to the remains of an ancient city where he finds a gateway in the
fabric of time which enables him to travel back 5,000 years. There in Earth's
past, he discovers a race of Demons who are planning to use the gateway to
travel to the present in order to destroy mankind and make the Earth their own. 

Can Ukyo defeat the ancient race of Demons and save the Earth, or will mankind
be wiped out? Will Davros be wheeled out of retirement and will Ukyo be
sporting a dodgy scarf and hat combo, or even have a best mate who is a bizarre
mobile toaster called K9? All of these questions and more besides are answered 
only in Psychic Wars.. 

Title:          Psychic Wars 
Label:          Manga Video 
Release date:   20/5/98 
Certificate:    18 
Catalogue No:   MANV 1201 
RRP:            11.99


Future Manga Video releases

Manga Video's current release plans for the next several months have fallen
into my hands. 

April    : Sword for Truth - See 29th March bulletin
May      : Psychic Wars    - See above
July     : Vampire Wars    - No details known
August   : Blackjack       - Medical drama based on a comic by Osamu Tesuka
September: X               - Movie Based on the Clamp comic published as X/1999
                              by Viz
October  : Perfect Blue    - Contemporary drama released in Japan this year 

X and Perfect Blue will be theatrically released in August and September