Animejin News - 1st March 1998

Pioneer Press release

                         New Series from Pioneer Anime
                                Hyperdoll 1 & 2

They look like high school students - hip, cute and fun. But under that babe
exterior lies the cool metal of an alien. In fact, Mew and Mica have been sent
from another planet to protect the earth where they're required to give their
all, using their alien capabilities against a succession of nasty looking

In volume one, ' The Earth is, The Earth is in a Big Bind' the girls are
lounging by the pool when they encounter an enemy creature. 'Kurageman' - a
giant jelly-fish. What with this and a giant locust to contend with, the girls
have got their work cut out.

Volume two, 'Peace on Earth, Love humans', tells the story of how the Hyper
Dolls go to the resvue when "Mimizuman", a giant earth worm appears at a
fireworks display.

Both volumes also feature ten minutes of live drama in original Japanese script
with English subtitles.

                   Running times: 40 minute . RRP 8.99 each
               Cerificates: 12 . Catalogue Number (vol 1): PIO 10034
                        Catalogue number (vol 2): PIO 10035


AD Vision Press Release

           A.D. Vision Presents the long-awaited four part series of...
                                   Go Nagai's
                         Shuten Doji - The Star Hand Kid

Back in the seventh century the ogre Shutendoji was defeated in Kyoto by
Yoshimitsu Minamoto. Fast forward to the present and high school student Jiro
Shutendo, the offspring of human and ogre blood, who possesses great but as
yet unawakened mystical powers. He could lead mankind to Paradise -or to
Hell-but can he use his ogre heritage to battle the great evil now
threatening the human world?
             Nagai's unique mix of contemporary horror, gore and myth.
                 From the "Anime Movie Guide" by Helen McCarthy.

                     Running time: Approximately 50 minutes
                                Certificate 18
                               English subtitled
                        Dealer Price 8.84  RRP 12.99
                           Catalogue no. VHSSD/001S
                             UPC Code 702727008535
                          Release date 6th April 1998
              Advertised in Comics International, Gamesmaster,
                      Manga Mania, Timecode and Total Film 
   PR campaign including features, reviews and competitions within film and
      entertainment magazines, computer games and specialist sci-fi press


Helen McCarthy wins award

Helen McCarthy has won an award for her book 'The Anime Movie Guide'. She was
included in the Japan Festival Awards for 1997 in recognition of her
contribution to furthering the understanding of Japanese culture in the UK.