Animejin News - 15th February 1998

Manga Video Press Release

                 Manga March Forward with Luscious Anime, Landlock 

On the 9th March 1998, Manga Video proudly releases the keenly awaited anime
feature, Landlock: a mind blowing, techno-mystical adventure from the world-
renowned Masamune Shirow. Beautifully animated with some of the most complete
character designs seen in recent anime, Landlock marks Manga Video's new year's
commitment to top quality productions. 

The land of Zer'lue is in turmoil, ravaged by the technological might of
Chairman Sana'ku and his evil, militaristic forces. In a rapidly unfolding
story of treachery, deceit and betrayal, there is only one who holds the power
to defeat such overwhelming odds, a boy named Lue'der, who possesses a
mysterious red eye endowing him with the ability to control the power of the
wind itself. 

With the fate of the world at stake, Lue'der must learn to unlock his legendary
power and battle against the evil which threatens to engulf his planet. But
Sana'ku's forces are closing in, led by their unstoppable elite assassin,
Sana'ku's own daughter, Aga'lee, who only hours ago mercilessly dealt Lue'der's
father a hideous death on the end of her sword. 

On a fiery stage illuminated with blood and tragedy, an epic tale is about to
unfold as Aga'lee comes face to face with her past and is forced to confront
her true identity, accepting the fact that the man she just butchered was
actually her father... 

Landlock is the action-packed story of a boy with a mysterious power and a girl
he is sworn to protect, thrown together with their hated enemy by a shocking
revelation. Only together can they save their world from a fate worse than
total Armageddon. That is, if they can get their minds off killing each other


Release date:     9/3/98 
Director:         Yasuhiro Matsumura 
Character Design: Masamune Shirow 
Running Time:     60 mins 
Certificate:      15 
Catalogue No:     MANV 1200 
RRP:              11.99 


New Manga Mania

The new issue of Manga Mania (number 44) has been published a few days ahead of
schedule. This issue has articles on Shutendoji, Nobuteru Yuki, Starship
Troopers (the anime), AD Vision, Pretty Sammy and El Hazard plus all the
regular news and reviews.


Future AD Vision releases

After Burn Up W 4 and Evangelion 7 in March, the next releases from ADV will be
Shutendoji: The Star Hand Kid in on 2nd April and Elicia 4 and Evangelion 8 on
4th May


Anime on the BBC Learning Zone

BBC Learning Zone is currently running a series of program related to Japan.
Buried in the schedule is a selection of episodes of The Laughing Salesman, an
anime based on a manga by Fujiko Fujio (A). The episodes will be broadcast from
4am to 5am on 24th and 25th February. Full details of the season can be
found at