Animejin News - 11th January 1998

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AD Vision Press Release

                              ELICIA - Ironclads

Eira and her crew are now in control of the God's Ship, Ellcia, but what are
they going to do with it? The decision is made when Eira discovers that she is
Prince Elluri's Younger sister. As the pirates travel to the Four Gods islands
in search of the "keys" to the Ellcia's powers, Crystel regroups her forces for
another attempt to gain control of the ship. Her plans are complicated,
however, when Phelkis launches his own attempt to take over the world!

                    Running time: Approximately 40 minutes
                               Certificate 12
                               English dubbed
                          Catalogue no. VHSEL/003D
                            UPC Code 702727024634

                        Release date 2nd Febuary 1998
      Advertised in Comics International, Gamesmaster, Timecode and SFX


Pioneer Press Releases

                        PRETTY SAMMY - The Magical Girl
                                  Volume 1

Pretty Sammy, a cheerful, energetic 4th grader made her first appearance in
another series - Tenchi Muyo: Rho Ohki (vol 5), and was originally meant as a
parody. However, she has become so popular that Pioneer have given her her own
show - over 40,000 copies have been sold in Japan to date.

Following a chance visit to a strange lady who introduces Sammy to a magical
kingdom called Juraihelm, she asks Sasami to help make the earth a better place
by using the magical powvers she can endow upon her. Her magical career thus
begins. Rivalries with another Magical Girl, conflicts between Ryoko, Ayeka and
her elder brother Tenchi mean that Sasami's task is not an easy one!

                          Episode 1 'The Magical Girl'
                       Running Time 45 mins . RRP 8.99
                                Certificate PG
                            Catalogue no PIO 10032


                         NEW SERIES FROM PIONEER ANIME 
                               EL HAZARD VOL 1 

Volume 1 of a brand new series from Pioneer Japanese Animation is to be 
released on January 12 in response to a growing market for more mainstream
Japanese animation. 

Japanese high school students Makoto and his friends discover some mvsterious
ruins beneath their school. They are suddenly transported into a magnificent
world populated by fantastic creatures, the mysterious 'Eye of God', and of
course, a princess in need of rescue. 

This series is created by the same writing and directing team as Tenchi Muyo -
one of Pioneer Anime's most popular titles. 

            Episode 1 - 'The First Night - Battlefield of Confusion'
           Episode 2 - 'The Second Night - The World of Beautiful Girls' 
                     Running time: 75 minutes . RRP 12.99 
                 Certificate: 15 . Catalogue Number: PIO 10027 



Pioneer LDCE are to release European special editions of their most popular CD
soundtracks, available from 12 January. 

The first title to be released will be Tenchi Muyo! Ova Best vol 1 and El
Hazard, The Magnificent World and both contain beautifullv illustrated colour
booklets, plus extras - El Hazard includes a special Anime game and Tenchi
features an interview with lyricist Natsuko Karedo. 

Anime soundtracks are a fantastic mix of epic film music and contemporary pop,
shot through with a distinctive Japanese flavour and are set to prove popular
with pop and anime fans alike. 

Available from Forbidden Planet and good independents, they will retail at
12.99 each. 


Future Pioneer Releases

After the release of Pretty Sammy, El Hazard and Hyperdolls, Pioneer have plans
to expand their range of releases to include titles other than those they have
produced themselves. The first volumes of Iria - The Animation and Record of
Lodoss War will be out from Pioneer in a few months time.