Animejin News - 26th October 1997

November TV anime round-up

For those of you with Satellite/Cable TV who don't mind staying up late, here is a
list of anime showing next month:

Armitage III             Sci-Fi Channel    November 15th,22nd,29th 11:00pm
Dominion tank Police     Sci-Fi Channel    November 2nd,9th,16th,23rd 12:30am
Fist of the North Star   Bravo             November 3rd 10:45pm
The Guyver               Sci-Fi Channel    November 2nd,9th,16th,23rd 12:00am
MD Geist                 Sci-Fi Channel    November 1st,8th 11:00pm
Monster City             Sci-Fi Channel    November 29th 11:30pm

Samurai Pizza Cats       Fox Kids          Weekdays: 10:30am
The New Adventures       TCC               Weekdays: 11:30am
   of Gigantor                             Saturday/Sunday: 10:30am and 1:30pm


AD Vision future plans

A telephone call to AD Vision got me their current release schedule:

November    Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 5
December    Elicia 2, Burn Up Warrior 3
January     Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 6, Debutante Detective Corps
Febuary     Elicia 3