Animejin News - 19th October 1997

Manga Video November Press release

                          CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY WITH 
                           MANGA'S NOVEMBER RELEASES 

Manga Entertainment packs a punch with its November releases. Relish all six 
episodes of Angel Cop on one tape and explore the new anime adventures of Red 
Hawk. The hardcore Manga enthusiast is well looked after this month with the 
release of the limited edition Ultimate Urotsukidoji box set containing Legend
of the Overfiend and Legend of the Demon Womb within a spectacular case
including an exclusive Urotsukidoji screen saver - a must for all fans. 

The Ultimate Urotsukidoji Box Set 
Director Hideki Takayama's controversial and graphically explicit animated
film, Urotsukidoji (translated as "The Wandering Kid") was originally screened
in Japan as a seven-part series, based on a popular comic. The first three
episodes were subsequently edited into Legend of the Overfiend, a full-length
feature film and video released amid much furore and debate. Legend of the
Demon Womb, which was taken from episodes four and five of the series,
continues the story. 

Legend has it that this world of ours is really three worlds: the world of the
Humans, the world of Man-Beasts (the Jyujinkai), and the nightmare world of
Monster Demons (the Makai), who take on Earthly forms to pour their mighty
energies into the bodies of human girls. Every three thousand years cones the
Overfiend Chojin, with the power to unite all three worlds into the Land of
Eternity, by dissolving the barriers protecting mankind from the approaching
evil. The Wanderers are all that stand between humanity and the Overfiend; the
Wanderers, however, are also utterly amoral. 

As the story reaches its horrifying climax the tale of the world is
precariously balanced. Our hero Amanojaku realises what the Chojin's Land of
Eternity will be a sickening place of horrendous violence, uncontrollable lusts
and supernatural forces beyond the imagination. 

Angel Cop 
Japan is under attack. A group of violent terrorists known as the Red May have 
launched a wave of bombings and murder across Tokyo, threatening the stability
of the entire country. In response, the government call in the Special Security
Force, an elite law enforcement division with authorisation to use any methods
necessary to protect public safety. 

As the Red May continue their assault, the SSF unleash their deadliest weapon; 
Angel, a woman whose beauty is matched only by her skill in combat. But Angel 
soon learns that the situation is far more complex and dangerous than she first 
thought. The terrorists are dying before she can get to them, ripped apart by
some ferocious and inexplicable force. Someone else is after the Red May,
someone with the power to destroy anything or anyone in their way - including
Angel and her team.

Available for the first time as a single package, Angel Cop brings you six
episodes of explosive sci-fi action, set in a world where the only thing more
brutal than crime is the law... 

Red Hawk 
Terror and chaos reign in the land of Chungwon. Carmellia Blossoms - the most 
powerful of the Warring gangs - use this time of unrest to wrestle control of
the country from the ailing peoples government, producing counterfeit gold
coins to cripple the struggling economy. Within the Camellia Blossoms gang a
group known as "Five Dragons" is being trained to kill in martial arts. Two
brothers, Danlyong and Muklyong belong to the group but Danlyong, with the aid
of his elder brother, escapes. In relation, the group punishes Muklyong, they
take control of his mind and body, he will be their "weapon of death". 

Three years on, the innocent townspeople are too afraid to move against the
evil Camellia Blossoms. The government has now been overthrown by the most
powerful of the gang's martial arts expert, Lord Seobong, and there is no one
left to oppose him. In the countryside, smaller gangs continue to flourish,
causing death and mayhem in the villages. Honglyung, seeking revenge for her
father's murder, sets out with friends to find the only person who can save the
country - Red Hawk, but to be victorious, Red Hawk must face and kill Camellia
Blossoms most powerful weapon. Red Hawk must kill his brother. 


Title:         The Ultimate            Angel Cop       Red Hawk 
               Urotsukidoji Box Set
Label:         Manga Video             Manga Video     Manga Video 
Release date:  10/11/97                10/11/97        10/11/97 
Director:      Hideki Takayama         Ichiro Itano    Sang IL Sim 
Running time:  190 mins                207 mins        90 mins 
Certificate:   18                      18              12 
Catalogue No:  Manv 1198               Manv 1199       Manv 1197 
RRP:           24.99                  15.99          13.99 

[Editor's note: Red Hawk is Korean, not Japanese]


Anime in the London Film Festival

Katsuhiro Otomo's 1998 film Memories, which has yet to find a western
distributor, will be shown as part of the London Film Festival on 21st and 22nd
of November at the Odean West End, Leicester Square. 


Macross Plus subtitled

Macross Plus The Movie has hit the shops, with a feature that has taken
everyone by surprise. All copies of the movie are subtitled, reversing Manga's
usual preference for only releasing dubbed versions.