Animejin News - 6th October 1997

AD Vision Press release

                                  A.D. VISION 
                           NEON GENESIS EVANGELION
                                  GENESIS 0:5

There's double trouble in store when NERV is faced with an Angel which splits
into two Angels. To meet the new threat, Shinji and Asuka must learn to act in
perfect unison. But can they learn how to tango before the Angel destroys
Tokyo-3? Then, Asuka goes diving in a volcano in an attempt to retrieve a
dormant Angel When the Angel awakens, however, it is up to Shinji to save

                               VITAL INFORMATION:
                      Running Time Approximately 50 Minutes 
                             UPC Code 702727018534 
                           Catalogue Number VHSEV/005D 
                             Englieh Dubbed Veraion 
                        Dealer Price 8.84 RRP 12.99 
                                Cevtificate 12 
                        RELEASE DATE 10th NOVEMBEB 1997


Manga packs for Christmas

Manga Video will be repeating last year's Christmas release strategy by
offering mainly compilation box sets instead of new releases in November and
December. This year will see Mad Bull, Angel Cop, Violence Jack and Legend of
the Overfiend getting the one-box treatment.

The only new release in November will be 'Red Hawk', a title I know nothing
about. More info when the press release arrives next week.