Animejin News - 10th August 1997

Manga Video September Press Release


Prepare yourself for the ultimate test on the 8th September 1997, as the human 
race faces apocalyptic annihilation at the hands of aggressive alien life forms
when Manga Video release the amazing Armageddon. Using both computer rendering 
and traditional cel techniques, Armageddon represents the cutting edge of 

Four billion years ago, in the Andromeda Nebula, an ambitious project was
launched. An ancient race of aliens, seeing that there was no other intelligent
life in the universe, set their massive super computers the task of seeding
more races that could grow to sentience. The project was known as the Omega

The Human race was the result of this project. 

But humans were not the only race to grow from the Omega Program, and lurking
in the future is the deadliest threat that the human race has ever faced. In
time, the products of this program are destined to clash in violent opposition.
Hopelessly outnumbered by the technologically superior enemy, Earth has one
last hope - the secret failsafe of the Omega Program - the Delta Boy - living
avatar of the super computer that began life on Earth. 

His only problem is staying alive long enough to save his future - and that of
all humanity!! 


Label:                  Manga Video 
Release date:           8/9/97 
Original story:         Hyunse Lee 
Executive producer:     Hyunse Lee 
Director:               Hyunse Lee 
Associate producer:     Hyuk Kim 
Animation Coordinator:  Jinmock Lee 
Running time:           90 mins 
Certificate:            12 
RRP:                    13.99 


Kodansha to bring Sazae-San to the UK

Kodansha International has announced it will be releasing the classic humour
strip Sazae-San in the UK starting in October. Sazae-San was reated by Japan's
first sucessful woman cartoonist, Machiko Hasegawa. There will be twelve
volumes in the series, each 200 pages, bilingual and priced 8.50.


Kimba on Satellite

Starting last week, the satellite channel Fox Kids is now broadcasting the
classic anime series Kimba the White Lion at 6am each Saturday and Sunday.
They have also extended there showings of Samurai Pizza Cats to include a
second episode at 2pm at weekends in addition to its normal 7am daily slot.