Animejin News - 27th July 1997

Manga video offers subtitled editions

Manga Video have announced that they will be producing limited edition
subtitled versions of some of their recent releases. The first titles to be
available will be Shadow Skill, Patlabor 2, Ninja Scroll, Appleseed, Macross
Plus: Parts 1- 4 and Macross Plus: The Movie. These editions will be sold
through the Manga Club and the Manga Video website (
and will not be available through the normal retail outlets.


Manga Video August press release

                         MECHA MAD MANGA ANNOUNCE 
                       AUGUST'S APOCALYPTIC ACTION 

Prepare yourself for some eye-popping apocalyptic mecha mayhem on 11th August 
1997 as Manga Video reveal their August armament. Tokyo Revelation rises to 
overthrow the Earth with some dynamic demonic demolition, whilst Zeoraima: 
Project Hades 2 loads up for more high power metallic malevolence. 

Tokyo Revelation 

A satanic computer programme is activated aboard a packed commercial flight 
bound for Tokyo, releasing a swarm of invisible demons that send the aircraft 
plunging to a fiery doom. 
Everyone aboard is killed instantly - everyone except Akito Kobayashi, owner of
the devilish programme and sworn ally to hell itself. 

A week later, student Kojiro Soma is surprised to see Akito enrol as a new
pupil. The lonely boy he befriended in elementary school has grown in to a
suave and arrogant teenager, but it is only later, when his classmates are
attacked and legendary demons return to stalk the streets of Tokyo, that Kojiro
begins to truly understand what his old friend has become. 

For Akito has plans for the human race, plans that revolve around magnetite,
the mysterious element that forms the living essence of every human soul.
Combined with his demonic software, a strong enough source of magnetite would
release a plague of devils upon the Earth. That source exists in Kojiro's
class, but when the evil plan expands beyond even Akito's grasp, it is Kojiro
who must find the ultimate power within himself, and go head-to-head with the
greatest demon of them all..... 

Project Zeoraima 

The Steel Dragon Society's plan to dominate the world moves one step closer to 
success as they unleash the power of mighty Hakkeshu robots to destroy the most 
powerful weapon on Earth - The Zeoraima, and its pilot, Masato. 

Masato's clone-sister Miku, distraught by her brother's ever-increasing violence 
and cruelty, escapes the secret Zeoraima base only to be captured by agents of
the Steel Dragon. When Masato launches in the giant mecha to rescue her, he
discovers that without Miku's input, the machine cannot reach its full
potential; and with the deadly masked pilot of the Rose of the Moon Hakkeshu
out to destroy him, Masato's life is in jeopardy. 

Struggling to regain what is left of his humanity, Masato must conquer his own 
weaknesses and emerge as one with Zeoraima, or face obliteration. 

Caught by fate, surrounded by lies, one teenage boy holds the fate of the world
in his hands - and failure will mean a nuclear nightmare! 

Zeoraima: Project Hades 2 features the third and fourth adventures of the
Zeoraima. Parts one and two are also available from Manga Video. 

Title:           Tokyo Revelation      Zeoraima: Project Hades 2 
Label:           Manga Video           Manga Video 
Release date:    11/8/97               11/8/97 
Director:        Osamu Yamazaki        Youich Nango 
Running Time:    60 mins               60 mins 
Certificate:     15                    15 
Catalogue No:    MANV 1191             MANV 1193 
RRP:             11.99                10.99