Animejin News - 6th July 1997

Manga Mania hits the streets

After months of delay, Manga Mania 41 has finally gone on sale priced 2.95.
The cover is dated July/August, the indica says June/July and the competition
closing date is 30th June! The price increase has been accompanied by a drop in
advertising, with only 3 1/2 pages of non-Titan adverts in the magazine (a
similar scheme to that of Anime FX). The staff is a mix from the old Manga
Mania and Anime FX, resulting in a package that should please fans of both


Pioneer press release

                           PIONEER ANIME RELEASE 

                            THE HAKKENDEN VOL 3 

Following the success of volumes 1 and 2, The Hakkenden volume 3 is to be
released on 11 August 1997. The Hakkenden characters have proved so popular
that they are now being featured in a dance music video, Hypnotek's 'You Make
Me Feel Good'* which is currently riding high in the dance music charts. 

The Hakkenden is based on "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden" mixing Samurai tradition
with the supernatural. The epic series captures the myth and mystery of feudal
Japan to produce a richly embroidered, atmospheric adventure superbly animated,
Japanese style, by a team who are widely recognised in the Anime world as
masters of their art. 

In volume 3, there is a recap of the two previous volumes (episodes 1-6). The
story then follows Dosetsi who will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his
father (episode 7, 'Spirits').

    Release Date 11 August - 60 mins - Cert 15 - PIO 10025 - RRP 8.99



Another Pioneer press release

                           PIONEER ANIME RELEASE 

                           TENCHI MUYO VOLUME 7 

One of the most popular series in the US and Japan, Tenchi Muyo  Volume 7 is to
be released in the UK on the 11 August 1997.

Ryoko is a 700 year old demon in the form of a pretty girl; Ayeka and Sasami
are princesses from the Planet Jarai and Mihoshi is a mixed up galaxy cop. They
all have very little in common, but one person brings them together - Tenchi
Muyo who they fight over constantly. The series brings you action, laughs and
superb animation, Japanese style. 

In episode 12, 'Zero Ryoko', the evil Zero, disguised as Ryoko finally tries to
assassinate Tenchi. She fails to accomplish her task because Ryoko's feelings
for Tenchi hidden inher heart do not allow her to hurt him. Her true identity
exposed, Zero returns to Dr Clay with Ryoko as her hostage. Tenchi and co plan
a rescue... 

Episode 13, 'Here Comes Jurai' sees three vistors from Planet Jurai arrive to
take Ayeka back to their planet. Confusion and action ensues as Tenchi and his
friends become involved. 

   Release Bate:11 August - 90 mins - Cert PG - PIO 10026 - RRP l2.99 


Further Pioneer news

Tenchi Muyo volumes 1-3 have now been re-released at 9.99 a volume. A schedule
for further Pionner releases has been tentatively drawn up, with the remaining
volumes of The Hakkenden, twovolumes of Phantom Quest Corp and the first volume
of El Hazzard set to come out this year. Tenchi Muyo - The Movie and Hyperdoll
may be released some time in 1998.


August Manga releases

Manga Video's August releases will be Zeoraima 2 and Tokyo Revelation. I have
no information about Tokyo Revelation, but the PR guy mentioned that demons,
a computer virus and the destruction of Tokyo were involved.