Animejin News - 29th June 1997

AD Vision Press Release

AD Vision returns to the mystical nagic of sword and sorcery. 
A fabled ship. An ancient book. And a girl whose future is already a legend


When Nabosu, the king of Megaronia, finds himself in the possession of the
awesome power of an ancient race, he sets upon a course of conquest. Seeking
further remnants of the ancient race, he plunders the four Holy Islands of God
until at last his brutal tide sweeps across to the island of Eija. Slaughtering
the queen and king, and taking their son, Elluri, as a hostage to ensure the
allegiance of the Eijian people, Nabosu now rules the world... But in the very
ruins of the technology that has brought Nabosu to power lie the seeds of his
downfall. In an ancient manuscript are the words that confirm the truth of the
prophecies of the Eijian holy book; prophesies that one day the land shall be
conquered, but that vengeance would come swiftly in the form of a chosen one,
who will rally the people and, with the fiercest ship on the earth, vanquish
the blasphemous invaders and wipe Megaronia from the very face of the world.
Her name is Eira, and this is her story. 

      VITAL INFORMATION:-       
      RELEASE DATE:- 11th AUGUST 1997.
      DEALER PRICE 8.84 RRP 12.99.


Another AD Vision Press Release

                       NEON GENESIS EVANGELION 
Part three of the ultimate animation sci-fi series of 1997 continues!! 

Conundrums and confrontations... 
                      ... As the angels attack.!! 

A new angel attack seriously injures Shinji forcing Rei back into commission.
Rather than relishing taking a back seat, Shinji becomes curiously ambivalent
that Rei's emotional bond with his father is much stronger than his own.
Meanwhile, can Rei finally synchronise with her eva against the most powerful
angel yet? Can Misato justify using a new experimental weapon which will drain
every drop of power from Japan??? Find out in the next thrilling instalment of
Neon Genesis Evangelion Genesis 0:3.

Voted 'Best anime of the year' at the Animage Grand Prix for Anime Awards 1996. 

The biggest selling animation video of 1996 in Japan, outselling Disney films. 

Featured on "The Pier" Meridian Broadcasting's flagship arts series with an 
audience viewership of approx. 400,000 per episode. 

Major P.R. Campaign:- features, reviews and competitions within film and 
entertainment magazines, computer games magazines and specialist sci-fi press. 

Advertising - leading computer games, comic and video magazines. 
Release date 11 August 1997.

Running time approx. 55 minutes, dealer price 8.84 r.r.p. 12.99 cert:PG 


...and the new Manga Mania will be real soon now, honest!

July 3rd allegedly.